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Shop Vac Corporation is the recognized world leader in wet/dry vacs. Shop Vac Corporation offers the most complete line of vacuum cleaners available for industrial and commercial applications, plus a wide range of accessories that are specifically designed to meet the heavy-duty cleaning needs of the sanitary maintenance professional. TotalVac carries all of the Shop Vac parts you need for your Shop Vac including replacement wheels, filters, hoses, and motors. We have Shop Vac filters and Shop Vac hoses for every model of Shop Vac vacuum cleaner ranging from small five gallon tank Shop Vac vacuums to large 25 gallon Shop Vac vacuums. Whether you're searching for a Shop Vac cartridge filter or Shop Vac hoses for industrial-sized vacuum cleaners, you will find the Shop Vac parts you need in our online vacuum store. Browse our collection of Shop Vac parts, including parts that are difficult to find elsewhere.


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