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Roomba Vacuum Cleaners and Parts

The iRobot Roomba vacuum is the only vacuum that works best when left to its own devices. Before you begin, iRobot recommends clearing the floor of obstacles and debris, such as wires that could get caught in the Roomba's new, larger wheels (for improved mobility on high-pile carpets) or in its brushes. The Roomba is short enough to fit under most furniture, but can still get stuck. For example, the Roomba vacuum got caught under a hutch twice during testing and didn't learn that it should avoid a piece of furniture. The powerful sweeping brush under the robot spun furiously below the hutch, throwing dirt and other debris out from under the furniture. It appeared to be throwing out as much dirt as it was catching. Roomba vacuum buttons have evolved as well, with a more straightforward design and labels (Spot, Clean, and Max) that make sense. We found that Clean works best for most medium-sized rooms. The Roomba's new sound-based dirt-detection system, which listens for dirt hitting the chassis, worked nicely in our tests. It stopped more than once to circle over an especially dirty area. Roomba now is also what's known as a "clean vacuum," meaning the dirt does not pass through the fan or motors. This, combined with redesigned chassis, made it an easy job to remove the dust and dirt catcher, clean it, and reattach it. The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner does a great job as a smart vacuum. is your source for Roomba vacuum cleaners and Roomba parts, including Roomba battery replacement parts. Find all of the Roomba products you are searching for in our online store, including iRobot Roomba vacuums, Roomba battery replacement, and Roomba parts.



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