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Pet Cleaning Products and Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Cleaning Supplies
Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Have pet hair and dander gotten out of control? View our wide variety of vacuum cleaners that will help keep surfaces spotless from pet hair and dander!
Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Our pet vacuum cleaner attachments and accessories will help attract all of those unwanted pet hair and dander.
Pet Cleaning Supplies
Pet Cleaning Supplies

View our pet cleaner supplies, which include carpet shampoos, anti-allergen sprays, pet hair lifters, and more.

Pet Cleaning Supplies
Pet Odor Removers

Neutralize and eliminate pet odors from the source with our per odor removers to freshen your entire home.

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Stain Removers

Remove tough stains and odors that your pet may leave behind. Our selection of pet stain removers will help you remove those eyesores your pets leave behind.

Pet Cleaning Supplies
Pet Shampoos

Use our wide variety of pet shampoos to freshen' up your pet and restore the luster and brightness to your pet's coat.

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Cleaning Tips

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Cleaning SuppliesRemoving Pet Hair

Although we love our pets, we also hate that our pet's hair clings to everything. Pet hair gets on our the furniture, clothes, and even our car upholstery. Before you shave your cat or dog out of frustration, look at our following tips that may help you remove pet hair:
Pet Vacuum Cleaners
Our wide selection of pet vacuum cleaners is a great solution to your pet hair problem. Many of our pet vacuum cleaners are designed just for homes with pets. Many of out pet vacuum cleaners come with the power and tools you need to remove pet hair and dander from carpets, rugs, hard floors, stairs and other tight places. 

The Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner, for example, is excellent at removing pet hair and dander from furniture and stairs. Motor-driven SEB 217-2 powerbrush deep cleans carpets to remove pet hair and dander. The SBD 285-2 Floor Tool provides excellent hard floor cleaning. An upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice nozzle store in a caddy on the machine, allowing for quick access when cleaning furniture and tight corners. An Active Air Clean Filter absorbs odors to help remove pet smells as it keeps pet hair, dust and dirt from leaking out of the vacuum. An optional certified H.E.P.A. Active Filter is available. Includes direct connect, internally wired wand and mating electrified hose. 1200 Watts of power increases airflow to 140 cubic feet per minute allowing superior cleaning ability and making the removal of dirt and debris easy. Six-position electronic suction adjustment allows for optimal cleaning on any flooring surface. All three wheels and the hose swivel 360 degrees for incredible maneuverability and ease of use. Unique Miele Vacuum Park System makes starting and stopping easy. A special clip allows you to stand the telescopic extension wand at the back of the machine thus eliminating bending for retrieval. 10 year motor warranty and 1-year all non-wearing components .
Pet Vacuum Cleaner Attachments
Using attachments for your pet vacuum cleaner is a simple way to keep pet hairs off of your furniture, carpets, bedspreads, and clothes. Many of our attachments are designed for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, upholstery and etc. Removes dirt and pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and the car.
Removing Pet Stains
If housetraining your puppy is going a bit slow or your cat keeps missing the litter box, you don't always have to live with their pungent reminders. These unpleasant stains can be removed, especially if you catch them when they're still fresh.
Use Pet Stain Removers
Our selection of pet stain removers will remove any stains or odors that Fido may leave behind.
Use Carpet Shampoo
Using our wide variety of carpet shampoo and cleaning supplies will help you remove some of your pet stains. Our products are tough on spots and stains and designed for households with pets.
Our Kirby Carpet Shampoo for Pet Owners, for example, is a heavy duty formula that removes stains and odors. Safe for pets and children. Cleans and deodorizes in one step. Leaves no dirt attracting residue. Controls pet dander allergens. Enzymes attack odors. For steam extractor cleaners. For use in Kirby Home Care Systems. 32 ounce bottle.
Eliminate Pet Odors
Accidents happen and when you have pets, they can happen in a messy way. If you have pet odors and stains on your carpet, you know how hard it can be to get rid of the problem. But with a few steps you can remove stains and help prevent recurring soiling.
Use Pet Odor Removers
Neutralize and eliminate pet odors from the source with our pet odor removers to freshen your entire home.
Fresh Wave Pets Spray, for example,  uses natural ingredients to eliminate animal odors from fabrics, the air, your car, pet beds, litter boxes and more. Simply spray into the air or directly onto fabrics for immediate odor control. Non-toxic and non-irritating, Fresh Wave neutralizes odors without relying on harmful chemicals. Made up of natural ingredients, so they are safe to use around people and pets.



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