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Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Parts

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Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Parts

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Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Parts

David Oreck founded the Oreck Corporation in the United States in 1963. The company's home office is in New Orleans, Louisiana, and its principal manufacturing facilities are in Long Beach, Mississippi. Its new Mississippi plant covers 375,000 square feet and is reputed to be one of the most modern in the world. Oreck Corporation began as a company manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners for the hotel industry in the U.S. The concept was to design a lightweight yet powerful and durable vacuum that hotel housekeepers would prefer over the heavier models that were available at the time. The idea proved so successful that now over 50,000 hotels throughout the world use Oreck vacuums.

After a short time, hotel personnel asked to buy the machines for their own use, which gave the Oreck Corporation the idea to sell its unique products to the general public. Oreck Manufacturing Plant - Long Beach, MS. Oreck now sells throughout North America and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia. It has the reputation of being the manufacturer of the very finest cleaning equipment available anywhere. Oreck's focus is on lightweight cleaning machines of every style, each model having exceptional durability and ease of handling. An example of its success is that the only vacuums sold by the American Express Company are Oreck vacuum cleaners. sells vacuum cleaner bags, belts, and parts for the following Oreck Upright vacuum cleaner models: XL-100C, XL-200SG, XL-4000, XL-4300, XL-500, XL-5300, XL-8300, XL-888, XL-9000W, XL-9100C, XL-9100G, XL-9100HA, XL-9200, XL-9200SG, XL-9300, XL-9300G, XL-9400, XL-9800, XL-988, XL-988G, BF-2175. - Oreck vacuum bags for portable vacuum models BB-180 and BB-280D. Oreck vacuum bags, belts, filters, and parts for canister models 1500, PT-57-B, PT357-SS and PT357-WD. - Oreck vacuum cleaner bags for Buster B, Bigfoot, and IronMan vacuum cleaners.

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