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Norelco Shaver Batteries

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Norelco Electric Shaver Battery -  1000mAh
Norelco Electric Shaver Battery - 1000mAh

Part: 21043


Norelco Electric Shaver Battery. Rechargeable battery fits Norelco electric shaver models 300SX, 400DX, 605RX, 650TX, 665RX, 825RX, 835RX, 875RX, 885RX, 905RX, 915RX, 955RX, 965PE, 965RX, 968RX, 885RX, 915RX, 935RX, 945RX, 985RX, 3805XL, 4805XL, 4816XL, 4821XL, 4825XL, 4845XL, 4865XL, 4853XL, 4852XL, 4817XL, 4807XL, 4625X, 4885XL, 5615X, 5655X, 5801XL, 5821XL, 5822XL, 5825XL, 5841XL, 5845XL, 5848XL, 5861XL, 5865XL, 5885XL, 5867XL, 5864XL, 5863XL, 5862XL, 5849XL, 5855XLD, 5842XL, 5887XL, 5886XL, 4825XL, 6735A, 6735X, 6756X, 6716X, 6711X, 6709X, 6706X, 6705X, 6701X, 6826XL, 6846XL, 6865XL, 6885XL, 6863XL, 7775XL, 7825XL, 7845XL, 7845XL, 7865XL, 7885XL 8845XL, 8825XL, 8845XL, 8865XL, 8880XL and 8890XL. 1000mha NI-CD 1.2v. Top of battery is flat. This battery will need to be soldered into place.




Norelco / Remington Electric Shaver Battery - NICd 1000mAh
Norelco / Remington Electric Shaver Battery - NICd 1000mAh

Part: 20102-1


Electric Shaver Battery. AA size with flat tabs. Rechargeable battery fits Norelco Maverick beard trimmers, Intercept models 2810 and 2830 and Remington models that begin with TA. Also fits Norelco shaver models 6618X, HP6336/A, HP6337/A, 5625X, 5812XL, 6613X, 6853XL, 6843XL, 6424LC, 844XL, 6614X, 6615X, 6616X, 6617X, 6844XL, and 6856XL. This Electric Shaver Battery also fits Norelco beard trimmer models T600, T660 , T700, T760, T770, T800, T860, T870, T900, T960, T970, T2000, T3000, T6000, T7000, and T7500. Also fits Norelco lady shavers WS400, WS600 and HP2750. Dimension are 0.55 inches (14.2 mm) by 1.96 inches (50 mm) 1.2 volts. 1000mAh Nickel-Cadmium battery. Manufactured by Tenergy.




Braun / Norelco Electric Shaver Replacement Battery - 2300mAh
Braun / Norelco Electric Shaver Replacement Battery - 2300mAh

Part: 10360-1


Braun / Norelco Electric Shaver / Razor Replacement Battery. Ultra high 2300mAh capacity means super long run time. Last up twice as long as ordinary rechargeable batteries. Can be recharged up to 1000 times. Fit with Braun shaver / razors models 26, 155, 255, 260, 2323, 2500, 2501, 2505, 2515, 3510, 3512, 3525, 4501, 4504, 4505, 4510, 4520, 4525, 4550, 5415, 5465, 5466, 5470, 5471, 5477, 5501, 5502, 5503, 5504, 5505, 5506, 5509, 5510, 5515, 5520, 5525, 5533, 5556, 5563w, 5564, 5567, 5569, 5579, 5596 and 5597. Also fits Norelco models 424XL/A, 482XL/A, 484XL/A and 486XL/A.




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