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Insect Remains and Bug Zappers
One of the dangers of using a mosquito zapper is the unpleasantness created while zapping a bug. The bugs explode into thousands of tiny, messy pieces (including all of the viruses and bacteria they carried and become freed into the air). Some studies have suggested that breathing the detritus of zapped bugs is not very healthy. *If possible, mosquito zappers should be kept away from heavily trafficked areas.

Electric Bug Zappers
Mosquito zap-style products are getting more and more sophisticated, but there is still the unpleasant sound of flying beasties being fryed in an electric death. Some models should be kept out of reach of children. This sometimes can remove the mosquito zapper from the area of the ground foliage where mosquitoes tend to rest--this makes the device nearly useless.

Mosquito Zappers Effectiveness
The mosquito zapper hanging in your yard may not catch very many mosquitoes because it does not always target them. Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite and are attracted to mammals, not lights. Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide when they are far distances away from potential prey. As they approach their prey, they begin to sense body heat and they are lured to the source. Bug zappers neither give off carbon dioxide nor body heat. The newest devices for killing mosquitoes lure them by mimicking the cues female mosquitoes look for when searching for a blood --these purchases make more sense.

Mosquitoes and Light
If you want to keep insects away, you can use light of the appropriate wavelength which can be used to attract them. Outdoor lighting placed in the right place can concentrate unwanted insects elsewhere. Mercury vapor lamps 150 to 200 feet away from occupied areas can divert nuisance insects away from high-traffic areas. Many of the other pests are attracted to the light, mosquitoes are not.

Bug Zappers Effectiveness
Some recent studies have shown what many homeowners have seen for themselves about mosquito zappers: most of the insects that are killed are not pests. The University of Delaware conducted a well known study where only 31 out of 13,789 insects trapped (0.22%) were actually mosquitoes or biting gnats. You should monitor your mosquito zapper to be certain that it is controlling the mosquito population and not just killing everything in the area.

Non-Pest Insects and Bug Zappers

If you have a mosquito zapper that zaps non-pest insects, you might want to think about not using one at all. Many of the insects you are zapping probably prey on the mosquitoes you are trying to kill in the first place.
Many other animals (such as bats and birds) eat insects as well--when you destroy too many of the beneficial insects, it could put pressure on part of the local animals.

Bug Zappers Attract Insects
Most of the insects that are attracted to the light nearby will not actually fly into the trap but will sit on the plants, walls, people, etc. around the trap. You can actually increase, instead of decrease, the number of insects in your yard when using bug zappers.

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