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Maintenance of Mosquito Traps
The new CO2 mosquito traps are not set-and-forget devices - each requires some level of maintenance such as:
• replacing adhesive boards
• emptying capture nets
• cleaning grids to ensure continued effectiveness of this product especially in highly populated areas. You will need to maintain your CO2 mosquito trap.

How CO2 Mosquito Traps Work
All of these newer mosquito traps utilize a form of attractant that brings the host-seeking female mosquitoes into a killing or capture device. Mosquitoes, in some cases, are captured by an impellor fan that draws them into a net where they are dried out. Some trapping systems use sticky surfaces to where the mosquitoes get stuck when they land. Others utilize an electric grid to electrocute mosquitoes drawn into contact. There are many effective luring traps available to choose from for mosquito control.

Mosquito Killer Technology Improvements
Is it possible to locate the "best" mosquito trap? In an effort to locate the best products, studies are currently underway to provide insight into the comparative efficiency of many of the mosquito traps on the market. With the introduction of improved trapping models in the marketplace it is not likely that this research will come up with a definitive winner soon.

How Mosquito Traps Work
Do you want to eliminate mosquitoes without using chemicals or zappers? Mosquito traps are designed to mimic any mammal (horse, cattle, man, domestic pets, etc.) which gives off carbon dioxide. Heat and moisture is often combined with an attractant (i.e. octenol) to attract pests (mosquitoes, no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, etc.).A vacuum device then sucks the insects into a net or cylinder where they dry up and die. There are no electric killing grid or pesticides used.

How Mosquito Traps Disrupt Feeding Females
The process of a mosquito questing for her blood meal involves an interconnected group of behaviors, each having its own cues (be they visual, thermal, or olfactory). The complexity of these behaviors may account for the variations in mosquito trap efficiency noted, seasons and places. Variations are great in that no single trap will work everywhere. The better to find a mosquito trap that will work for you is to find your needs and test various options that are on the market until you find something that works.

Mosquito trap effectiveness
CO2 Mosquito Traps will trap and kill numbers of mosquitoes. Whether this will come up with a noticeable reduction in the mosquito population will depend upon a number of factors including:
• individual tolerance level
• mosquito population size
• proximity
• size
• type of breeding habitat
• wind velocity and direction
• species of mosquito
The homeowner must still use repellents and practice source reduction methods as adjuncts to achieve effective control.

Mosquito Trap Misunderstandings
You may want to let neighbors and officials know if you are putting out any mosquito control devices that look peculiar. Sometimes mosquito traps rattle more than local mosquitoes.

Getting Extra Help with Mosquito Control
If you are serious about mosquito control, you should contact your local state or county health office. They can help you set up a plan that includes destroying or denying access to mosquito breeding areas. By doing this, your new mosquito trap will be that much more effective.


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