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mavea water filters
Mavea Water Filters
mavea water pitchers
mavea water pitchers


Mavea has more than 40 years of experience in point of use water treatment, with focus on the coffee, vending- and combination oven markets. MAVEA, as well as its ultimate mother company in Germany, is a family owned business. The LLC was founded in 2007. MAVEA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BRITA Group. More than 40 years ago the parent company, BRITA GmbH, invented pour through water filtration and the water filter jug. Today it is one of the most renowned producers in the optimization of drinking water worldwide.

In 2000, Brita GmbH sold the "Brita" brand in the Americas (North, Central and South America) to The Clorox Company. Since then, Clorox has developed and marketed its own products under the Brita brand in these markets (the Americas) only.

The MAVEA brand was developed and introduced by BRITA GmbH expressly to bring a portfolio of premium water filtration products to North American markets.

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