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Lindhaus Cleaning Supplies

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Lindhaus Pure Power Extractor - 32 Ounce
Lindhaus Pure Power Extractor - 32 Ounce



Lindhaus Pure Power Extractor is designed to act quickly to break down stubborn dirt, grease and oil. It also provides a thorough cleaning combination while leaving a pleasant scent. This liquid, organic, carpet detergent is designed to be equally effective in hot or cold water. This biodegradable liquid contains optical brighteners, fast acting cleaning agents, and organic solvents which are effective on natural and synthetic fibers. It is highly concentrated for effective cleaning in hotels, motels, schools, hospitals and homes. 32 ounce bottle.




Lindhaus Pure Power Prespray - 32 Ounce
Lindhaus Pure Power Prespray - 32 Ounce



Pure Power Prespray is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pure Power DCS (Dry Cleaning system) in problem areas that resist cleaning. This product acts quickly to emulsify areas of heavy grime, dirt, grease, and oil that may be ground into carpets or rugs, especially in traffic lanes. This prespray may also be used as a spot remover when larger area cleaning is not needed.




Lindhaus Pure Power Dye Out
Lindhaus Pure Power Dye Out

Part: lindhaus-dye-out


Lindhaus Pure Power Dye Out. It works unlike any dye remover before it. It actually breaks off specific atoms such as oxygen to render red dye molecules invisible. Red Dye stains are considered the toughest of all stains to remove from carpets. Not anymore thanks to a breakthrough achievement from Lindhaus' Pure Power cleaning solutions newest addition Dye Out. Instead of attempting to remove the stain, Dye Out cloaks the stain and will render it invisible. By breaking off very specific atoms from the dye molecule you can change it from a reflector to an absorber of the light wave and turn the stain invisible. Designed to remove stains from Kool Aid, fruit punch, melted popsicles, soft drinks, fruit juices, food dye, cough syrup and candy. One quart.




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