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Hoover SteamVac Parts

Hoover SteamVac Parts
Hoover SteamVac Parts
Models that begin with F5
Hoover Wide Path Steam Vac Parts
Hoover Wide Path Steam Vac Parts
Models that begin with F6
Hoover Dual V / V2 Steam Cleaner Parts
Hoover Dual V / V2 Steam Cleaner Parts
Models that begin with F7

Hoover Agility Carpet Cleaner Parts
Hoover Agility Carpet Cleaner Parts
Agility Models that begin with F62
Hoover Carpet Shampoo
Hoover Carpet Shampoo

Does shampooing or hot water extraction decrease resistance to soiling

Usually not. Some shampoos contain oil which can contribute to re-soiling; however most do not. While shampooing or extraction will not remove this retardant, foot traffic will. Therefore, a soil retardant applied by a knowledgeable professional immediately after shampooing or extraction is wise.

Is it okay to use other manufacturers' detergents in my Hoover SteamVac?

Although other detergents may claim they can be used in extractors including the Hoover Hoover SteamVac, it is recommended that genuine Hoover Hoover SteamVac Detergent be used in this product. Refer to the Owners Manual for the Hoover SteamVac.

My Hoover SteamVac doesn't appear to have the proper suction. What should I check?

Always turn your cleaner off and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. If your particular model does not have a swing type handle, you may need to check the following. Unlatch the back of the recovery tank part of the lid and remove. Reposition the lid matching the tabs on the front of the tank. Rotate the lid down on the tank making sure all sides are securely in place. A proper seal is important for peak performance. Also, make sure the latches securing the recovery tank to the main unit have been locked in place. Finally, check the recovery tank to make sure it is not full. When the recovery tank is full, the automatic "shut-off" mechanism will shut off the deep cleaner suction.

Do you have a heating element on the SteamVac's?.

Yes, and no...Heat is not essential for good deep cleaning. So earlier versions successfully relied on hot tap water (approximately 140 degrees). Th plastic container maintains the proper heat within the average time of usage - 10-15 minutes. As Hoover listened to our customers begin to request heated cleaning, we responded with the newest line of Hoover SteamVac cleaners, the Dual V2. This new line provides heat at the carpet level, by forcing the warm air from the motor through the SpinScrub bushes as the solution is being delivered to the carpet. This method of heating the air also assists in drying the carpet, so you and your family can get back on the floor quicker.

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