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Bosch Vacuums - A Powerful Combination

Only Bosch vacuum's maximum suction power can really eliminate the finest dirt, stubborn house mites, pollen and bacteria from your home and achieve the level of cleanliness you demand. A vacuum cleaners suction power is not only determined by the maximum power of the motor, but also by the Bosch vacuum bags. Therefore, the combined suction power of these two forces together is what determines how clean your floors will be. The technology of power one of the major problems on vacuum cleaners is how to transfer all that motor power from the vacuum body to the part that actually touches the floor and cleans - the floor tool. On some vacuums air turbulence and filter systems can "eat up" the power before it makes it to the floor tool. Bosch has solved this problem by creating a high-speed fan and a technically engineered suction hoes that assures optimal air flow dynamics. Thanks to this fine tuning, power loss is considerably reduced and the suction power on the floor tool is increased. In addition, enough air flows through even the finely-pored, extra-thick HEPA filter to achieve peak suction values. These floor tools not only clean with power and precision, they also feature a considerably higher level of hygiene efficiency due to the unique Bosch filter system.

The Best Brushes

In addition to maximum suction power on the floor tools and superior hygiene efficiency, Bosch vacuums offers yet another powerful benefit: high-performance brushes. The turbo brushes (air driven) and the electric brushes improve dust uptake considerably, a fact appreciated by most allergy sufferers. Bosch has designed all electric brushes with incord solutions for maximum user convenience. The Turbo brush, Mid-size electric brush and XXL electric brushes all demonstrate their abilities on especially tough tasks: they remove more pet hair and stubborn dirt from carpeting than conventional floor tools. The Bosch turbo and electric brushes also care for your carpets by restoring and revitalizing carpet fibers flattened by heavy use.

The Best Attachments

While cleaning, Bosch puts the vacuum attachments right where you need them - at your fingertips. Some vacuum cleaners store their tools in dirty compartments inside the vacuum, or worse, provide no storage at all, forcing you to dig through the closet looking for them. All the Bosch vacuum tools you need are right at hand, ready to go, making cleaning faster and easier. Bosch engineers have designed comfortable, easy-to-handle tools with more than one personality: the same tool converts to clean stairs, crevices, furniture and upholstery using truly ingenious design. This attention to detail extends the Bosch commitment to cleaning and comfort from the tip of the nozzle to the end of the plug.

The Best Features

Bosch includes much more than you would expect in a vacuum. Nozzles that change from carpet to hard floor mode with the step of a switch, cords that rewind simply by unplugging them, and dust containers that empty and close without your hands ever touching the dirt. Brilliant thinking resulting in features that make cleaning faster, easier and more comfortable is a Bosch trademark. Our vacuums turn floor care into an art.

Effective filter technology for hygiene

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) carbon filters fitted into the Compact, Premium and Jet vacuums retain 99.97% of all dust particles and even trap odors. The filter technology in Bosch vacuums has even been awarded the DMT certificate of clean air issued by Germany's independent test center for air hygiene and also the TUV room air hygiene test. These awards certify that Bosch vacuum cleaners meet the requirements of the new European standard for filter systems.

A Clean Solution

How hygienically a vacuum cleaner operates not only depends on its suction performance and filtration system, but also on how dust bag replacement is performed. During the fuss and mess of replacing conventional dust bags, dirt and allergens can escape. This doesn't happen with our revolutionary one-step system. The same motion that lifts the dust bag out of your vacuum also seals it and the dirt inside. With our easy one-step-removal dust bags, your hands never touch the dirt. Accessed via their own compartment, the discharge filters are also fast, easy and hygienic to replace.

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