What is the Best Vacuum for Pets?

That is a good question and the answer really varies depending on who you are. If you are a pet owner then you know that pet hair can become a major chore in cleaning up. We have a short hair dachshund and have not found pet hair to be a major problem but it can be.

Most vacuum cleaner manufacturers have designed specialized attachments to deal with pets and your home. Depending on your vacuum cleaner, will depend on what attachments are available.

So what are people saying?

The Best Vacuum For Pet Owners: Dyson Animal Vacuums

SEBO C2 Vacuum Cleaner; A Perfect Answer to Cat Hair Clean-Up – “was so thrilled with the performance of my Sebo vacuum cleaner, and less than thrilled with her Kenmore which she said was always in and out of the repair shop”

  • I have four cats and a dog. I have found that our Craftsman shop vacuum works wonders on picking up hair from the floor, furniture and carpeted cat stand. It’s a lot cheaper than other vacuums, too. You can get several attachments with it.
  • The very best is Oreck. It’s lightweight, so you’ll be more inclined to use it. Also, those lint removers–the ones on a roller–are terrific for picking up hair.
  • We now have a Fantom Fury bagless vacuum, with a HEPA filter
  • The one I have now is, by far, the best. It is a Hoover Wind Tunnel (Premium)
  • I have a golden retriever–Bissel Pet Hair Eraser.
  • I have two dogs and I suggest Dyson all the wa. The Dyson vacuums especially the one made for animal owners called “The Animal”. It’ll set you back about $500 bucks but it’s more than worth it.

These are just a few comments that are out there on-line. What are your thoughts on the subject. For accessories or parts for your vacuum, head over to TotalVac.com

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