What Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

The robot vacuum cleaner was invented by Electrolux and introduced into the consumer market in 2001. Soon after that, Roomba vacuums appeared as they perfected the cordless vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuums are extremely convenient rug and floor cleaners, but they do not have the suction and performance power of an upright or canister vacuum. They do not or cannot perform a deep cleaning of your carpet.

One way to look at the robotic vacuum cleaner is as a carpet sweep. They are powerful hands-free, battery charged, rug and floor sweepers, that have been designed to seek out and pick up the dirt, lint, sand and dust that lies on your floor and carpet surface.

These small vacuums were created to help out those with a busy life. Taking care of them is also very easy; filter and brush replacements when required; empty the dust bin after each use, and check the vacuum for trapped debris. After the room as been cleaned, the robotic vacuum cleaner will go back to the recharging station to charge its battery for the next time you need it.

Prices will vary too on these robot vacuums, you can find Roomba models these days for under $100 dollars. So if you looking for a legitimate cleaning solution, take a look at robotic vacuum cleaners -they are no gimmick.

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