Vacuum Cleaners and Americana: Not Your Average Museum

If you find yourself driving down historic Route 66, America’s Main Street, you will come across quite an interesting museum, one that you would never think exists. Located in St. James, MO is the world’s first Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet.

Museum-goers can travel through the decades to track the progression vacuum cleaners have made through the years; from 1910′s first vacuum, the Royal Model 1, all the way to the vacuums of the present day. This museum does more than just showcase vacuums, however; it encapsulates time. The display rooms are decked out to replicate how households looked in that specific decade. From the television set and the furniture, down to the carpet and curtains, the Vacuum Cleaner Museum whooshes visitors back in time through their nostalgic, authentic decor.

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum opened on August 27, 2009. Tom Gasko, the curator of the Museum, gives daily tours, supplying visitors with a plethora of knowledge on each model being showcased. Most of the Museum’s vintage vacuums comes from Gasko’s personal collection, which were gifts from Stan Kahn, an avid vacuum cleaner collector from back in the day. The Museum also houses vacuum cleaners that once belonged to celebrities, such as James Earle Jones.

Attached to the Museum is the factory, where vacuum cleaner manufacturers go to understand the science behind their construction and also learn new ways they can be improved.

So take a journey down the wind tunnel and through the decades; visit the Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet in St. James, MO today. And to shop for Simplicity and Riccar vacuum bags and parts, visit, your headquarters for everything vacuum.

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