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As part of our blog here at TotalVac, we want to provide some information on different types of vacuums, that you and your family can use. Today we are commenting on Thermax Vacuums.

There are 2 models available:
9 Amp Main Motor
2 Amp Power Brush Motor
Patented Aqua Filtration Recovery Tank
Secondary Filters: Urethane Foam Filter / Electrostatic Allergy Filter
Patented Electrified Vac Hose
15 Year Warrantee
More Information

25% smaller than the AF1
Uses the same Powerful motor as the AF1
Total Air Treatment
On board Accessory Tools
2 Electrostatic Allergy Filters
Urethane Foam Filters
15 Year Warrantee

From their website, some Faqs:

–How does the Thermax AF compare to traditional vacuuming?
The Thermax AF Home Environment Cleaning System is the solution for indoor pollution, that employs a Water Filtration System, test proven to be over 99.99% efficient in washing dust, allergens and contaminants from the air, trapping them within the water while you vacuum.

–Does the Thermax AF remove tough stains and soils with its Hot Water Extraction System?
The Thermax AF then easily converts into a Hot Water Extraction System, capable of washing deeply embedded soils from the fibers of your carpet and upholstery.

–Will the Thermax AF cut down on the airborne contaminants and allergens?
Through normal breathing, many airborne contaminants contribute to allergy and other respiratory symptoms that have been medically proven as health hazards by the EPA. Thermax’s patented Electrified Vac Hose and patented Aqua Filtration Recovery Tank and Aqua Filtration System capture harmful airborne contaminants, spores, and allergens to create a safe and healthy indoor environment

For parts and accessories on Thermax Vaccums, check out TotalVac.

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