The Most Versatile Vacuum Cleaner – A Shop Vac

Probably the one vacuum cleaner that most everyone has heard of is a “Shop Vac”. Just like Kleenex or Tylenol, Shop Vac is a specific brand but the term is used to describe all types and models of shop vacuums. A shop vacuum cleaner can be a very handy piece of equipment. Shop Vac describe heavy duty vacuums that normally can pick up wet or dry items.

So what all can a Shop Vac do? (source)

  • Clean out your workshop-sawdust, debris, etc
  • Clean out your car
  • Clean flooded basements – most shop vacs have wet or dry options. Why mop when you can vacuum?
  • Unclog sinks
  • Extract fumes from a room
  • Use in the pool – puddles and debris in your pool or on your pool cover
  • Store clothes in homemade airtight containers
  • Christmas tree clean up
  • Clean up those cobwebs
  • Drain your fish tank
  • Clean up that fireplace

A Shop Vac can be a very handy piece of equipment to have around the home or office.

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