The Dyson Thief

Everyone knows that Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the best on the market. Their high quality products leave your house looking and feeling fresh and clean. Now, speaking of fresh, last week a 45 year old man named Chuck Echevarria stole over $1700 worth of Dyson vacuums. He piled up the vacuums in a shopping cart and strolled right out the front door.

Why did this man need so many vacuum cleaners? Was his house that messy that one vacuum just wouldn’t cut it? Or was he planning on selling them? Maybe there is some underground black-market for Dyson vacuum cleaners and Chuck here was thinking of scoring big. Or maybe he’s just a die-hard fan of Dyson vacuums.

It’s a shame that this thief didn’t know about TotalVac, where we carry nearly every product that Dyson produces. He could have chose from a range of Dyson vacuum parts like Dyson vacuum filters. And with our low prices, he would have felt like he was getting away with theft anyway!


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