The Benefits of Central Vac Systems

So you think your home is spotless, huh? Well, think again. Dust. Dirt. Pollen. Bacteria. These things exist all over your home, practically invisible to the eye. Though portable vacuums are great, they don’t quite clean up everything you think they do. Loose particles of dust and other bacteria are always circulating through the air. What you miss with a portable vacuum, a central vac system picks up with ease.

For those unfamiliar with central vacuum systems, they are big vacuum units that are installed in houses, buildings, or even apartments. Typically placed in a basement, garage, or storage room, these central vacs, also referred to as “built-ins” or “ducts,” suck up any and all dust particles within your home. Hoses and other floor tools are hooked into inlets on the wall which send the dirt and dust down through a set of tubes and into a central unit. These units also allow for the exhausted air to be filtered directly outside.

So why choose this over a portable vacuum? Well, there are many reasons. Fist off, the average life of these systems trumps that of portable vacuums. Portable vacuums typically last anywhere between five to seven years. Central vac systems can last from twenty-five to thirty years, making the purchase very worthwhile. Second, the exhaust air from the vacuum is not recirculated back into the room. When vacuuming with a portable, the exhaust air has nowhere to go except back into the space you are cleaning. This makes for more loose dust particles flying around in your home. With a central vac hose, like the kind TotalVac sells, the air is being exhausted directly outdoors to ensure that everything being sucked up is not escaping back into the air, leaving your home clean and free of “redusting.” Another advantage to these systems is that their bags do not need to be emptied nearly as much as portable vacuum cleaners. A central vac unit can accumulate up to ten pounds of dirt, requiring a disposal only once or twice a year. Compare that to a portable vacuum which must be changed every three months. And with that frequency, you’re going to have to purchase bags more often, driving the cost of owning a portable vacuum up even higher. Perhaps the biggest reason to purchase a central vac unit is for its health benefits. Since these systems eliminate virtually all dust and bacteria, you will be breathing in the cleanest air possible. Infants can consume up to ten grams of dust per day from crawling around on a filthy floor and then putting their hands in their mouths. Since their systems are still developing, they can be at a great risk for contaminants. And it’s not just infants who are in danger from this kind of sickness. We are all at risk when we breathe house dust into our systems. A central vac unit is a great step in significantly decreasing the amount of dust and bacteria in your home and all the parts are available from

Though they are initially more expensive than a portable, central vac systems pay for themselves in the long run. With the long lifetime of these systems, you won’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements, other than an occasional brush or hose. They are also healthier for you and your family. Not only will your home look clean, but it will feel clean. The air will be pure and free of dust and other allergens that are constantly floating around the rooms of your home. Getting a central vac system is a big decision, yes. Between the steep price and big installation process, it isn’t something you just jump right into. However, if you do decide to get one, you will see its benefits paying off with every breath of fresh, clean air you take.

TotalVac offers a wide variety of central vac parts from leading brands. TotalVac carries replacement filters, hoses, bags, motors, belts, and much much more. Please visit our central vac parts page to view our entire central vac catalog.

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    This system is really very good to have your home free from dust.

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