The Advantage of Bagged Vacuums

Who isn’t looking to find new ways to tighten their household budget? Believe it or not, bagged vacuums are more economical than bagless vacuums, even though you have to replace the bag more frequently. For example, the cost of the filter in a bagless Electrolux can cost upwards of $20, where as a package of 3 bags might cost only $5 from an online retailer. For the cost of one bagless vacuum filter, you can get 12 bags!

Another advantage with vacuum bags is that you never come in direct contact with the dirt. You never actually have to touch the dirt and debris inside the bag. All you have to do is just slip out the bag, throw it away and put a new bag in its place. This makes them a great option for the allergy sufferers.  With a bagless vacuum cleaner, you have to still empty the filter, which means that some of those particles are getting released back into the air of your home.

There are many types of bagged vacuums.  There are generic, genuine, HEPA, micro-filtration, allergen, standard, paper and cloth. All the different bagged vacuum brands then break down most bags and designate a letter, making it easier for the consumer to identify the right bag when the time comes to buy a replacement. Different bags have to be replaced after a different amount of time, so it’s important to know what the lifespan of your vacuum bag is..
When owning a bagged vacuum using the proper vacuum bags in order to ensure the vacuum is operating to its fullest potential is essential in its day to day use.  If you are using the wrong size, make, or model vacuum bag for the vacuum cleaner, you will find that you are pushing around a vacuum for no reason, the vacuum will not be doing the job it was meant to do.

Replacement bags can be bought in singles or in bulk, giving bagged vacuum owners flexibility and an economical option when buying vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are the cleaner more cost effective option—just make sure to change it often and keep your vacuum happy!

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