Steam Cleaning Removes Bacteria and is a Green Way to Clean

To keep tidy the floors and carpets in their homes, most people assume a vacuum cleaner is the way to go. Though vacuums are great, they come with many limitations. Aside from removing dirt from the floor or carpet and occasionally sucking up dust and cobwebs from corners, they serve no other purpose. If you want a multipurpose cleaning tool, steam cleaners are the way to go.

So how do these things work? It’s quite simple. Steam cleaners, like their name denotes, use steam to lift dirt, mold, bacteria, grime, dust mites, and allergens off of carpets while simultaneously vacuuming them up. These stains actually have adhesive qualities, which means they can attach themselves to any surface. The heat of the steam attacks the filth by melting away their adhesion. Once they are loose, the cleaner’s vacuum sucks it up, leaving the surface completely spotless.

What’s exceptionally great about steam cleaners are that they are not limited to just carpets. Steam can be used to clean many household things such as, curtains, tiled floors and walls, taps and shower heads, and windows and frames. They can do more than just clean. Steam can be used on clothing to remove wrinkles and odors. They can remove stains from shoes and boots. But perhaps the best part of steam cleaners is their ability to disinfect, a quality that vacuum cleaners lack. Their efficiency in disinfecting is unmatched by any other cleaning product. In 2005, the University of Washington tested a steam cleaner in public restrooms, a breeding ground for bacteria. The results showed that not only were they far more hygienic than other methods, but that they were a lot less laborious.

Another perk to steam cleaners are that they are very environmentally friendly. Since they rely on water to do their cleaning, they require no chemicals of any kind; meaning they are the most natural cleaners you can own. Not only are you keeping your home safe from chemical pollution, but more importantly, the environment.

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