Shop Vac Essentials

A shop vac can be a very handle piece of equipment in the home or shop. In a previous article we discussed the different types of shop vacs and some of their specs. In this post, we will cover the “essentials”.

Hose - Hose diameters will vary from model to model. A longer hose is recommended as it is more convenient.

Noise – Shop vacs make a lot of noise. It is recommended to get an add-on muffler to help quiet the shop vacs.

Filters – It is recommended to get a shop vac that comes with a HEPA filter, since wood dust is a carcinogen. ,

Water - Wet/dry vacs are great since the vac can act as a pump, which lets you hook up a hose to help remove water.

Tank – Check out the tank sizes that come with the models you are reviewing. Make sure you will be able to move and dump out a filled cannister.

Wheels -Four wheels are better than three.

Attachments – Again the more the better.

Cord Length – A long cord is a handy thing to have.

This does not cover every aspect of a shop vac, but this should be enough to get you thinking and asking questions.

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