SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

 SEBO Vacuum

There are many vacuum cleaners on the market that can get the job done but when you want the Bentley of all vacuum cleaner and SEBO vacuum bags should be your choice. Most SEBO models come with a whopping 1300 watt motor and are able to eliminates almost 100% of airborne particles. SEBO has been in business since 1978 and they have continued to show excellence and the ability to move forward and provide a superior product. They were founded by a group of German engineers and has become one of the larget commercial grade upright vacuum manufacturers on the globe. SEBO vacuum cleaners have a three step filter process allowing for very little to not pass through it’s internal systems. SEOB’s styling is also very unique in the sense that it has a touch of modern and retro styling into all their vacuum cleaners. SEBO has quickly grown into a household name in the vacuum industry. SEBO continues to be a strong market leader and one of the top players in the vacuum world.

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