Safety Notice for Proteam LineVacer, LV-100


The following message is from ProTeam in regards to Proteam LineVacer, LV-100:

This Product Safety Notice is directed to the owners, distributors, dealers and service providers of ProTeam LineVacer vacuums manufactured prior to May 2010.

ISSUE: A potentially unsafe condition exists with respect to affected ProTeam LineVacer vacuums due to the absence of a protective motor shroud designed to limit access to the motor and wiring while these units are energized.

WARNING! DISCONNECT FROM POWER SUPPLY BEFORE INSPECTING OR SERVICING VAC. Accessing the motor with the unit energized could result in an electric shock hazard.

ACTION: Immediately inspect the Serial No. of your LineVacer Vac(s) to determine if it was manufactured prior to May 2010. The Serial No. of affected vacs can be found on a tag located at the right-hand side, lower portion of the vacuum. If the Serial No. is below 06-018071, and if the Vac has not already been retrofitted with a motor shroud, please contact ProTeam Customer Service at 1-866-888-2168 or at to request a free shroud installation kit, or if you have questions regarding this notice.

If the LinVacer Vac(s) is no longer in your possession, please forward a copy of this Notice to the owner of record or provide us the contact information for the present owner so we can forward the notice to them.


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