Running A House Cleaning Service

Running a home cleaning service can be a very profitable and fulfilling venture. With more and more families where both spouses work, kids need to go to sporting and school events during the week, there is less time to get the house hold chores done. When the weekend rolls around, there is another whole set of activities.  Many families need the help-thus comes in the home cleaning service.

The purpose of this post is not on how to set up a home cleaning business-we are, of course, going to cover the vacuum cleaner aspect of that business.  The vacuum cleaner you choose and the attachments are very important. Which should you use the oommercial or residental model?

You definitely want to invest in getting a commercial model because:

  • The unit lays flat to vacuum under beds and tables
  • Picks up paper clips, rubber bands and other small objects without clogging or stopping the beater bar.
  • Molded-in easy-carry handle allows the vacuum to be carried with proper weight distribution.
  • 35′ – 50′ cords allow more square footage to be vacuumed before the need to re-plug.
  • Large capacity, top-fill bag for efficiency and increased time between changes.
  • Superior air filtration along with the sturdier construction which prevents harmful dust and particulates from escaping through gaps in the vacuum cleaner body or around the filter seal.
  • Less needless features to pay for that only end up not working like dirt sensors, etc.
  • The furniture arm: This is the extension that you see on one side of the vacuum head on most commercial upright vacuums. (source)

Having the proper equipment is very important. We recommend the commercial model due to features and accessories that are available. It might cost more but remember you are investing in your business!

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