Repairing your Shaver

For men and women, shaving is a big part of the daily routine. Razor blades, even from the best brands in the business, don’t have much longevity. Buying a new shaver every time yours starts to go can really do some damage to your wallet. Luckily, replacing shaver parts is easy and can be done for short money on TotalVac.

TotalVac carries every major (and not so major) brand of shaver parts for men and women. From Panasonic and Norelco, to Braun and Remington, TotalVac has them all. We sell shaver foils, electric cords, protective caps, batteries, lotion cartridges, and a whole lot more. Replacing these small, inexpensive parts is absolutely the way to go when it comes to keeping up with your shaver. Why spend upwards of $80 on a brand new electric razor when all you need is a new cord or battery?

For all your shaver part or shaver battery needs, please visit


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