Vacuums with a Personality

You’ve seen one vacuum cleaner, you’ve seen them all. Right? Well the people at Numatic want to make sure you never think that way again.

With a great sense of humor, Numatic breaks the mold on what we’ve come to expect from the physical appearance of a vacuum cleaner. Each of their quality vacs is custom designed with a cartoon face. Big puppy dog eyes and a wide smile are sure to make you laugh and go “awww.”

Numatic doesn’t stop with just a face, however. Every vacuum has a name; and not your typical vacuum name like “Dust King 3000,” or ” Mega Carpet Sucker Deluxe.” No, Numatic gives their vacuum cleaners people names.

Meet Henry. Henry is a HEPA canister vacuum. When you take this guy out to do some cleaning, you don’t feel like you are using an appliance. It feels like you are interacting with a pet. These vacuums have character and personality. And it doesn’t just stop at Henry.

Meet Hetty, Harry, and George; more members of the Numatic family. These vacuums will have you eager to do some cleaning. With fun, vibrant colors and adorable faces, Numatic has not only made a great working product but a great looking one, too.

Be sure to check out for all of your Numatic vacuum cleaners and Numatic vacuum bags.

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That Time of the Year

With another winter behind us and summer fast approaching, that can only mean one thing — it’s time for spring cleaning. Many people throw the term “spring cleaning” around loosely, but should it be taken more seriously? The answer is a resounding YES.

During the frosty and arctic months, our houses suffocate. We keep the windows and doors tightly sealed and blast the heat. The spring not only welcomes the thawing and warming, but more importantly welcomes the opportunity for us to finally crack the windows and let the fresh air circulate throughout the house and breath in new life. During the fall and winter, homes get congested with chemicals and gas; be it from cleaning supplies or heating. With the coming of warmer weather, it is the perfect time to let mother nature cleanse your house with clean, new air.

Not only is vacuuming your floor and carpets important, but also your mattress, blankets, and pillows. Dust mites, bed bugs, and other forms of dirt and bacteria have been using the past few months to bask in the comfort of your bed. It’s time to get them out. Don’t just put your sheets through the wash. Take them outside and let the sun hit them. Drape your sheets, carpets, and towels over a clothes line and give them a beating. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference you feel next time you use them.

It is also important to dust your drapes and blinds. After you do this, wipe down your windows, inside and out. Next, you should focus on your appliances. Clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Go through your kitchen cabinets and organize all the food, and remove anything that may have expired. Polish your counter tops, mop the floors. Do all of this with the windows open. The whole point is to let the fresh air circulate throughout.

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just a term that should be taken lightly. Your home is where you spend the most time. You want it to not only look clean, but feel clean. Put the time and effort in to make it a happy, healthy home.

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The Advantage of Bagged Vacuums

Who isn’t looking to find new ways to tighten their household budget? Believe it or not, bagged vacuums are more economical than bagless vacuums, even though you have to replace the bag more frequently. For example, the cost of the filter in a bagless Electrolux can cost upwards of $20, where as a package of 3 bags might cost only $5 from an online retailer. For the cost of one bagless vacuum filter, you can get 12 bags!

Another advantage with vacuum bags is that you never come in direct contact with the dirt. You never actually have to touch the dirt and debris inside the bag. All you have to do is just slip out the bag, throw it away and put a new bag in its place. This makes them a great option for the allergy sufferers.  With a bagless vacuum cleaner, you have to still empty the filter, which means that some of those particles are getting released back into the air of your home.

There are many types of bagged vacuums.  There are generic, genuine, HEPA, micro-filtration, allergen, standard, paper and cloth. All the different bagged vacuum brands then break down most bags and designate a letter, making it easier for the consumer to identify the right bag when the time comes to buy a replacement. Different bags have to be replaced after a different amount of time, so it’s important to know what the lifespan of your vacuum bag is..
When owning a bagged vacuum using the proper vacuum bags in order to ensure the vacuum is operating to its fullest potential is essential in its day to day use.  If you are using the wrong size, make, or model vacuum bag for the vacuum cleaner, you will find that you are pushing around a vacuum for no reason, the vacuum will not be doing the job it was meant to do.

Replacement bags can be bought in singles or in bulk, giving bagged vacuum owners flexibility and an economical option when buying vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are the cleaner more cost effective option—just make sure to change it often and keep your vacuum happy!

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DIY Vacuum Repair

Do It Yourself Vacuum Repair

Most homeowners can buy a vacuum with a great warranty and they don’t worry much about vacuum repair should something major goes awry—simply send your vacuum back to the manufacturer for repair. However, just because major repairs are taken care of under your warranty that doesn’t mean that your vacuum cleaner won’t need a little upkeep to help it live a long and useful life. Like any household appliance, a little proactive maintenance goes a long way. Vacuum cleaners aren’t meant to last forever, but there are many things you can do yourself that will keep your vacuum running in top form for a long time to come.

Replacing your vacuum cleaner filter

Replacing a vacuum cleaner filter is quick and easy to do; mostly an easy lift and replace with no complicated steps.  There are many options for replacement filters depending on your vacuum cleaners brand and needs. Filter material dictates whether you need to replace to filter or simply wash and reuse it.

Replacing hoses

Over time, the hoses on your vacuum can become crushed, worn, torn and so forth. This isn’t a cause for concern because buying a new vacuum hose and replacing it isn’t a difficult process.  You can opt to purchase a branded part or save a little money and go for a generic, after-market hose (which tends to be close to the same quality as the factory one and often works just as well). Vacuum hoses can also be electric or non-electric and it’s important you know which one your vacuum uses! The electric versions are generally more expensive because of all the additional parts and tend to break or need repair more often, but those pieces are also something you can replace yourself.

Cleaning and replacing brushes & rolls

A vacuum picks up endless numbers of threads, hairs, strings and so forth. All of those things tend to wrap themselves around the brushes and rolls, compromising the effectiveness of the vacuum.  Cleaning them is as simple as removing the roll/ brush and using a pair of scissors to free the roll of hair and strings. If you feel your vacuum isn’t up to par and you have checked all other places, make sure your brush/roll is in good working order. Typically, many vacuum cleaner repairs are relatively simple and can be done by the do-it-yourself vacuum owner. Check your owner’s manual for basic repair instructions!



Planning on a DIY repair now? Check out for replacement parts on any brand of vacuum.

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Vacuum Cleaners and Americana: Not Your Average Museum

If you find yourself driving down historic Route 66, America’s Main Street, you will come across quite an interesting museum, one that you would never think exists. Located in St. James, MO is the world’s first Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet.

Museum-goers can travel through the decades to track the progression vacuum cleaners have made through the years; from 1910′s first vacuum, the Royal Model 1, all the way to the vacuums of the present day. This museum does more than just showcase vacuums, however; it encapsulates time. The display rooms are decked out to replicate how households looked in that specific decade. From the television set and the furniture, down to the carpet and curtains, the Vacuum Cleaner Museum whooshes visitors back in time through their nostalgic, authentic decor.

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum opened on August 27, 2009. Tom Gasko, the curator of the Museum, gives daily tours, supplying visitors with a plethora of knowledge on each model being showcased. Most of the Museum’s vintage vacuums comes from Gasko’s personal collection, which were gifts from Stan Kahn, an avid vacuum cleaner collector from back in the day. The Museum also houses vacuum cleaners that once belonged to celebrities, such as James Earle Jones.

Attached to the Museum is the factory, where vacuum cleaner manufacturers go to understand the science behind their construction and also learn new ways they can be improved.

So take a journey down the wind tunnel and through the decades; visit the Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet in St. James, MO today. And to shop for Simplicity and Riccar vacuum bags and parts, visit, your headquarters for everything vacuum.

 For more information and to plan a trip, visit


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Are Bagless Vacuums More Hypoallergenic and Maintenance Free?

Many homeowners believe that a bagless vacuum is more hypoallergenic than a bagged vacuum and are essentially maintenance free. But is the bagless vacuum really maintenance free and more hypoallergenic? Not necessarily!

Sure, the bagless vacuum doesn’t have a bag to replace, but it still does have a filter that has to be cleaned and/or replaced. These filters often come with a high price tag. The cost of a filter in a bagless vacuum could be more than a year’s supply of paper vacuum bags for a conventional upright vacuum.

Bagless vacuums, just like bagged vacuums, also have parts like a rubber gasket, seal or rubber band that need replacing every so often. Bagless vacuums also require routine maintenance like cleaning out the canister to ensure that the cyclone doesn’t get clogged, and washing and properly drying of the filters to ensure that suction is never lost. Even the best brands in the industry need proper care and maintenance—nothing is truly free.  Maintenance is required of all vacuums bagged or not!

What about bagless vacuums being more hypoallergenic?

Bagless vacuums have a canister that needs emptying, and while many come with a HEPA filter attached which traps most allergens, when the canister is emptied dust particles are released back into the air. A hypoallergenic bagged vacuum system typically uses two bags—an inner and an outer. The inner bag is where all the dirt and particles are captured and contained while the outer bag, which is typically made of HEPA material, is there to clean the air while you clean your floors.

You can’t purchase a vacuum these days and just assume it will take care of itself. Research your options carefully to find the vacuum that fits your lifestyle. For a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner supplies, visit

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Steam Cleaning Removes Bacteria and is a Green Way to Clean

To keep tidy the floors and carpets in their homes, most people assume a vacuum cleaner is the way to go. Though vacuums are great, they come with many limitations. Aside from removing dirt from the floor or carpet and occasionally sucking up dust and cobwebs from corners, they serve no other purpose. If you want a multipurpose cleaning tool, steam cleaners are the way to go.

So how do these things work? It’s quite simple. Steam cleaners, like their name denotes, use steam to lift dirt, mold, bacteria, grime, dust mites, and allergens off of carpets while simultaneously vacuuming them up. These stains actually have adhesive qualities, which means they can attach themselves to any surface. The heat of the steam attacks the filth by melting away their adhesion. Once they are loose, the cleaner’s vacuum sucks it up, leaving the surface completely spotless.

What’s exceptionally great about steam cleaners are that they are not limited to just carpets. Steam can be used to clean many household things such as, curtains, tiled floors and walls, taps and shower heads, and windows and frames. They can do more than just clean. Steam can be used on clothing to remove wrinkles and odors. They can remove stains from shoes and boots. But perhaps the best part of steam cleaners is their ability to disinfect, a quality that vacuum cleaners lack. Their efficiency in disinfecting is unmatched by any other cleaning product. In 2005, the University of Washington tested a steam cleaner in public restrooms, a breeding ground for bacteria. The results showed that not only were they far more hygienic than other methods, but that they were a lot less laborious.

Another perk to steam cleaners are that they are very environmentally friendly. Since they rely on water to do their cleaning, they require no chemicals of any kind; meaning they are the most natural cleaners you can own. Not only are you keeping your home safe from chemical pollution, but more importantly, the environment.

For all of your steam cleaners and parts needs, please visit TotalVac.



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High Tide: Detergent Thefts

Tide Logo

Recently, there has been a major increase in reported thefts of the cleaning detergent, Tide. Stores can’t seem to keep the product on their shelves. So what’s the point of stealing the detergent? Well, there’s two main reasons for the theft.

First, with today’s rough economy and a rise in prices for everyday commodities such as gas and groceries, paying for Tide can really add to your wallet damage. An average price for the cleaning supply ranges from $10-$20. This steep price makes the idea of stealing it in order to save money very tempting. The other reason Tide is becoming a hot target for theft is its resale value. Thieves will walk into a store and load up on as much Tide as their shopping carts can hold and then simply walk out without spending a dime. They will then sell the bottles on the street or to retailers for $5-$10; all profit. One man in West St. Paul, MN, over a fifteen month period, is suspected of stealing over $25,000 worth of Tide from the town’s local Walmart.

If only these thieves had known about TotalVac carries cleaning supplies of every type. From carpet shampoos and dusters to window cleaners and odor removers, we will have your home feeling fresh and sparkling clean. And with our super low prices, you’ll think you’re getting away with theft!

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History of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company

Kirby Vacuums are a household name synonymous with both luxury and quality. They are without a doubt, a shining example of a “successful” company. However, Kirby’s road to success was a bumpy one. Their drive to make an established name for themselves eventually paid off, making them quite the underdog story.

George Scott and Carl Fetzer, founders of Scott Fetzer Company, wanted to make more than just flare pistols. In 1914 during World War I, the partners were producing these guns for the U.S. Army. After about six years, Scott and Fetzer became bored with having only one product under their names. So in 1920, they decided to enter the household appliance business, contacting a man named Jim Kirby to help them pursue their goal. Jim Kirby, an inventor, came up with several different concepts for a vacuum. His first cleaner was based around water filtration. Kirby quickly realized that people were not going to want to deal with replacing dirty water every time they vacuumed. Back to the drawing board for a few more years, he finally came up with a product that worked well. The Vacuette Electric was introduced in 1925 under the Scott Fetzer Company. With its removable handle and floor nozzle, the vacuum was an early pioneer for multi-attachment cleaners. For the next ten years, the Vacuette Electric was one of the best selling vacuum cleaners on the market.

In 1935, Scott and Fetzer made another big move; they created a subsidiary company called Kirby Vacuum. Led by Jim Kirby’s brilliant designs, this supplementary business quickly became popular. Their next top-seller was also the first vacuum to showcase Kirby’s name; The Kirby Model C.

The company’s trademark was their sales method, employing a door-to-door sales pitch. Salesman would go from one home to the next, giving live demonstrations of the vacuum’s capabilities. Years later, Kirby Vacuum ran into some lawsuits from this due to issues with their salespeople. Scott and Fetzer handled the manner professionally by improving their screening of employees. Having lawsuits that could potentially destroy them, Kirby Vacuum remained positive and continued with their old fashioned door-to-door method, a risky move that not many companies would’ve made.

Kirby Vacuum faced another hurdle when unauthorized dealers began selling their products. For as long as they have been around, aside from their door-to-door home sales, Kirby would only sell to independent distributors. They took several of these unauthorized sellers to court for trademark infringement, false and unfair competition, and trade disparagement. Kirby Vacuum ended up losing all of their cases, a complete shock to the company. Again, Kirby put this behind them and trudged forward, becoming one of the biggest names in the vacuum cleaner business.

With high-end “luxury” vacuums, as Kirby refers to them, the brand has become quite established. People associate their products with top-of-the-line quality. Producing over fifty models, Kirby’s current vacuum is the Sentria. With its lightweight TechDrive design, HEPA filtration system, and LED headlight for cleaning darker areas, the Sentria vacuum is Kirby’s opus. is happy to be a distributor of such quality products. Our Kirby collection is vast and wallet-friendly. We carry bags, brushrolls, belts, and a wide range of attachments. For cleaning supplies or replacement parts for your vacuum, please visit TotalVac’s Kirby vacuum parts store or Kirby vacuum bag store.

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Cuisinart Product Company History

The year is 1971. Carl Sontheimer, an engineer and recent graduate at MIT, is hard at work on his latest invention. Having just invented a microwave-based direction finder for use in NASA’s moon program, Sontheimer was eager to give the world his next creation. After a couple of years of tweaking and remodeling, he introduced to America their first electronic food processor. It was at Chicago’s National Housewares Expo in 1973 that Sontheimer gave Cuisinart their first real product. The food processor was adorned by the people, even garnering endorsement from cooking phenoms Julia Child and James Beard. Since its 1971 debut, Cuisinart has not only grown into one of the most successful housewares company, but also one of the biggest brand names out there today.

Cuisinart has come a long way in terms of product development as well. Aside from their lead-selling food processor, the company has created a slew of new products ranging from blenders and bread makers to tea kettles and toasters. You name it, Cuisinart has it. Electric knives, juicers, microwaves, rice cookers, and even ice cream and yogurt makers. However, it’s not just the quantity of products that makes Cuisinart so popular; it’s the quality of them. They have been the recipients of prestigious awards such as, the Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design Award  in 2009, the Shape You Great Gear of the Year Award, also in 2009. And in 2010, Cuisinart received the Gold Summit International Award for their eco-friendly Press Kit. Apple founder and fellow inventor, Steve Jobs, was also inspired by the Cuisinart brand. It was when he saw the food processor at a Macy’s department store that he thought perhaps a computer would work well with a molded plastic casing. It was this thought that lead him to create the Apple II.

For many years, Totalvac has been a proud carrier of a wide variety of Cuisinart parts and products. TotalVac supplies brands that we feel are of the highest quality, brands that have earned their place in the household market. And Cuisinart is no exception to meeting these expectations. If it’s a replacement part you need or if you’re just looking to add a new Cuisinart product to your kitchen, TotalVac has got you covered. On our site, you’ll find everything you need. We carry replacements parts like coffee maker water filters, blender jars and gaskets, hand mixer whisks and beaters, and much more.

Cuisinart has very much earned its household name through the long-lasting, quality products it has made over the past 35 years. Please visit Cuisinart at to see them all.



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