Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Shampooing Your Carpet

You might think vacuuming your carpet is enough to keep it clean. While vacuuming does in fact prolong the life of your carpet, it can only do so much. Vacuums tend to suck up dirt and dust particles that lie atop the surface of your carpet. They cannot get what is deeply embedded. By shampooing your carpet, you are removing the particles that get trapped beneath the surface. It is important to remove this dirt because as it sits there, it can cut up the fibers of your carpet.

Shampooing doesn’t have to be done as frequently as vacuuming, which should be at least once a week and multiple times where there is heavier foot traffic. You can make your carpet look and feel clean by shampooing it just once every two-three weeks. It is also important to note, that you should vacuum before you shampoo your carpet. After you use the shampoo, your carpet stays wet for about an hour or so. Do not vacuum during this time. Your vacuum will suck up wet dirt particles and those wet particles, if they are in there long enough, will create mold in your vacuum bags and give off a pretty bad odor.

Vacuuming is great for surface cleaning. But if you really want to clean your carpets, especially heavy shag carpets where dirt and dust can easily get trapped, shampooing is an absolute necessity. To  purchase carpet shampoo, visit TotalVac, where you can find a variety of different brands all for low prices.


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