Its the Belts Man!

An important part of your vacuum cleaner is its belts. The vacuum cleaner belt is what makes it run so care needs to be taken when dealing with your vacuum cleaner belts.

There are three kinds of vacuum belts: (source)

A grooved belt (the inside of the belt has grooves “engraved” on the inside of the vacuum cleaner belt). This belt can be found in some of the Simplicity Uprights. It is becoming more popular, but hardly commonplace at the moment. Like the geared belt, it doesn’t stretch substantially and you should check it at least once a year for wear.

A smooth vacuum cleaner belt may be round or flat. Either way it is smooth on the inside. This type of belt should be replaced every 6 months to a year. It is important to change this type of belt to maintain the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Most of my customers treat a vacuum belt like a can of shaving cream. They keep using it until it just doesn’t work any more. This is a mistake.

A smooth vacuum belt will stretch over time, which means your roller won’t spin as often or possibly at all when it’s on a carpeted surface. Your carpet pays the price for this, as sand, dust, dirt, and whatever else find it’s way into your carpet remains in your carpet. Your carpet will not be as clean as it should be.

Now the key aspects of your vacuum cleaner belts are:

  • proper installation of the belt
  • using the proper belt for your vacuum
  • changing your belt periodically, probably every 6 months
  • cleaning our your vacuum, especially the motor spindle and brush roll
  • care when vacuuming, probably one of the biggest causes for vacuum cleaner belt breakage is snagging on the rim of a rug or a blanket

Take care of your vacuum cleaner belt and your vacuum should run well for a very long time. 

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