Industrial or Commercial Vacuums

Just like your at your home, the type of vacuum cleaner or system you have at your business is just as important.  Commercial vacuum cleaners are a bit different from residential vacuum cleaners. They have a lot more options and they are designed so that the cleaner removes all the dirt on the floors but also the particles that float around in the air. 

For most businesses, a heavy-duty vacuum cleaners should be sufficient. Most heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaners will have the following components:

12″ broad path for cleaning
UL, CSA, cUL&OSHA approved for commercial purpose
Up to 99% retention of pollens and dust by a Micron Filter® System
Quick Kleen® removable, clear fan chamber that reveals when the unit needs service

Now for those in larger, heavy industry, an industrial vacuum will be needed. When looking at larger industrial vacuums, what does one need to take into consideration?  (Source)

1. Duty Cycle – A machine’s duty cycle is determined by how long it is to be operating.
2. The Filter System -There are several different types of filter media based on how fine the dust you have.
3. Storage Requirements – You will need to decide how much material storage you can handle.
4. Portability – How easily can it be moved or need to be moved.
5. Frame Size – How big can your vacuum be?
6. Electrical - Usually any system over 2 Hp will use 3 phase power.

Hopefully this post will help you understand what all is involved with an industrial or commercial vacuum cleaner.

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