However clean, Hoover cleaner

That was the originial slogan for the Hoover company back in 1912. The Hoover Company started out as an  floor care manufacturer based in North Canton, Ohio but also became a major player in electric vacuum cleaner industryover in the the United Kingdom for most of the early-and-mid-20th century.

The history behind the first upright vacuum cleaner is very interested. As with most inventions this vacuum cleaner was born out of necessarity. In 1907 James Spangler, a department store janitor who suffered from asthma attacks decided to try and modify his the carpet sweeper he was using at work.

What he ended up doing was creating a basic suction-sweeper, first by adapting his existing carpet-sweeper with an electric fan motor, then creating his own prototype from a soap box, electric motor, broom handle, and pillow case. After refining the design and being granted a patent, he set about producing the ‘Electric Suction Sweeper’ himself. He was aided by his son and his daughter, production was slow; completing just 2-3 machines a week.

In 1908 he sold his patent to the Hoover company…in 1926, Hoover perfected the ‘beater bar’; a metal bar attached to the rotating brush-roll, situated in the floor nozzle cavity of the upright vacuum cleaner.  In 1936, Hoover filed another significant patent – this time for a new self-propelling mechanism for vacuum cleaners and from there, well the rest is history… (source)

Currently the Hoover Company has the following models:

Wind tunnel

For more info on Hoover vacuums or Hoover parts and accessories, see

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