High Tide: Detergent Thefts

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Recently, there has been a major increase in reported thefts of the cleaning detergent, Tide. Stores can’t seem to keep the product on their shelves. So what’s the point of stealing the detergent? Well, there’s two main reasons for the theft.

First, with today’s rough economy and a rise in prices for everyday commodities such as gas and groceries, paying for Tide can really add to your wallet damage. An average price for the cleaning supply ranges from $10-$20. This steep price makes the idea of stealing it in order to save money very tempting. The other reason Tide is becoming a hot target for theft is its resale value. Thieves will walk into a store and load up on as much Tide as their shopping carts can hold and then simply walk out without spending a dime. They will then sell the bottles on the street or to retailers for $5-$10; all profit. One man in West St. Paul, MN, over a fifteen month period, is suspected of stealing over $25,000 worth of Tide from the town’s local Walmart.

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