Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays folks are trying to be more consciencous about the environment. Buying a vacuum cleaner definitely can be eco-friendly. Instead of getting a new vacuum, consider a used one or fixing your old one.

What is the best eco-friendly vacuums? (source)

The best vacuums to buy from an eco-friendly standpoint? If you want to reduce your carbon footprint (i.e. reduce your use of plastics), try to find a vacuum with a metal casing. It will be heavier, but can be recycled for scrap when its lifespan is finished. Tristar is one brand that makes metal canister vacuums. Be aware, however, that they still use a lot of PVC in the units, and they outgas a very strong odour for quite some time after you bring them home.

If you are concerned about allergens, purchase a vacuum with HEPA filters and/or bags. Reduce your need for frequent vacuuming by removing all shoes and outer footwear at your doors when you come inside. This will make a huge difference in the amount of dust you track through your home. Try vacuuming less-trafficked areas less frequently. Many of my former clients could get away with once-monthly vacuuming in areas like bedrooms. This won’t work for you if allergens are a problem, however.

What should you consider? (source)

So here are 6 things to consider when searching for an eco-friendly vacuum cleaner:

1. Beware of gimmicks and stick to the basics: remember a vacuum is a canister with a motor!

2. Look for a vacuum with an 8 amp motor or at least power-saving mode.

3. If the vacuum has a filter, be sure it is washable and reusable.

4. If the vacuum takes dust bags, be sure they are made from paper that has not been plasticized or heavily treated with chemicals.

5. If you can’t afford a super high-end vacuum, look for one used on eBay.

6. Check out the manufacturer’s web site for replacement part availability.

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