Dyson Bagless Cordless Hand Vacuum

DYSon DC 16 cordless hand vac

There are probably many of you out there that are looking for a small portable vacuum that doesn’t take up a great deal of room or use up half of your closet, especially if you live in a smaller apartment in the city where space is very limited.

This new Dyson bag less cordless vacuum is perfect for almost any size home. Small, compact and very powerful. Not too mention that Dyson’s styling and ergonomics are some of the most innovative styling concepts the vacuum industry has seen in a very long time. The Dyson DC 16 cordless hand vacuum is built with the root cyclone method of suction which has become know as an industry standard with Dyson. It is a lightweight tool and easy to clean. Dyson has become one of the industry leaders in Vacuums for continuously providing a top notch product with amazing styling and functionality.

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