Do you have Fleas in your Rug?

For all of you pet owners out there who have flea problems in your home right now don’t worry there is hope. Before you decide to bomb the house with chemicals and pesticides try simply to just get on a schedule with your household vacuum cleaner.

Studies have show that just vacuuming triggers such a trauma that you could get rid of close to 90% of your flea problem just from running the vacuum.  But it will require some work on your end. Just grabbing the vacuum and pushing it around here and there will not get rid of those little buggers. You will have to move all furniture and vacuum under neath couches and chairs along with the actual couches themselves. It will be important that you do this a few times a day until they are fully gone. You will have to get on a schedule in order to fully remove them all. If doing this for a full week doesn’t get rid of them then resort to the chemical and carpet cleaners. If all else fail flood them out.

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