DIY Vacuum Repair

Do It Yourself Vacuum Repair

Most homeowners can buy a vacuum with a great warranty and they don’t worry much about vacuum repair should something major goes awry—simply send your vacuum back to the manufacturer for repair. However, just because major repairs are taken care of under your warranty that doesn’t mean that your vacuum cleaner won’t need a little upkeep to help it live a long and useful life. Like any household appliance, a little proactive maintenance goes a long way. Vacuum cleaners aren’t meant to last forever, but there are many things you can do yourself that will keep your vacuum running in top form for a long time to come.

Replacing your vacuum cleaner filter

Replacing a vacuum cleaner filter is quick and easy to do; mostly an easy lift and replace with no complicated steps.  There are many options for replacement filters depending on your vacuum cleaners brand and needs. Filter material dictates whether you need to replace to filter or simply wash and reuse it.

Replacing hoses

Over time, the hoses on your vacuum can become crushed, worn, torn and so forth. This isn’t a cause for concern because buying a new vacuum hose and replacing it isn’t a difficult process.  You can opt to purchase a branded part or save a little money and go for a generic, after-market hose (which tends to be close to the same quality as the factory one and often works just as well). Vacuum hoses can also be electric or non-electric and it’s important you know which one your vacuum uses! The electric versions are generally more expensive because of all the additional parts and tend to break or need repair more often, but those pieces are also something you can replace yourself.

Cleaning and replacing brushes & rolls

A vacuum picks up endless numbers of threads, hairs, strings and so forth. All of those things tend to wrap themselves around the brushes and rolls, compromising the effectiveness of the vacuum.  Cleaning them is as simple as removing the roll/ brush and using a pair of scissors to free the roll of hair and strings. If you feel your vacuum isn’t up to par and you have checked all other places, make sure your brush/roll is in good working order. Typically, many vacuum cleaner repairs are relatively simple and can be done by the do-it-yourself vacuum owner. Check your owner’s manual for basic repair instructions!



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