Cuisinart Product Company History

The year is 1971. Carl Sontheimer, an engineer and recent graduate at MIT, is hard at work on his latest invention. Having just invented a microwave-based direction finder for use in NASA’s moon program, Sontheimer was eager to give the world his next creation. After a couple of years of tweaking and remodeling, he introduced to America their first electronic food processor. It was at Chicago’s National Housewares Expo in 1973 that Sontheimer gave Cuisinart their first real product. The food processor was adorned by the people, even garnering endorsement from cooking phenoms Julia Child and James Beard. Since its 1971 debut, Cuisinart has not only grown into one of the most successful housewares company, but also one of the biggest brand names out there today.

Cuisinart has come a long way in terms of product development as well. Aside from their lead-selling food processor, the company has created a slew of new products ranging from blenders and bread makers to tea kettles and toasters. You name it, Cuisinart has it. Electric knives, juicers, microwaves, rice cookers, and even ice cream and yogurt makers. However, it’s not just the quantity of products that makes Cuisinart so popular; it’s the quality of them. They have been the recipients of prestigious awards such as, the Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design Award  in 2009, the Shape You Great Gear of the Year Award, also in 2009. And in 2010, Cuisinart received the Gold Summit International Award for their eco-friendly Press Kit. Apple founder and fellow inventor, Steve Jobs, was also inspired by the Cuisinart brand. It was when he saw the food processor at a Macy’s department store that he thought perhaps a computer would work well with a molded plastic casing. It was this thought that lead him to create the Apple II.

For many years, Totalvac has been a proud carrier of a wide variety of Cuisinart parts and products. TotalVac supplies brands that we feel are of the highest quality, brands that have earned their place in the household market. And Cuisinart is no exception to meeting these expectations. If it’s a replacement part you need or if you’re just looking to add a new Cuisinart product to your kitchen, TotalVac has got you covered. On our site, you’ll find everything you need. We carry replacements parts like coffee maker water filters, blender jars and gaskets, hand mixer whisks and beaters, and much more.

Cuisinart has very much earned its household name through the long-lasting, quality products it has made over the past 35 years. Please visit Cuisinart at to see them all.



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