Cleaning Your Car

Last week, we posted on cordless vacuum cleaners. One of the best uses of cordless vacuums is in cleaning your car.

(source) Cleaning the inside of your car can be a challenging task indeed. You will often find that dust and dirt from the outside can find its way into all those nooks and crannies which are hard to get to. This is why traditional vacuum cleaners, with all their cords and attachments, can be problematic when trying to clean the interior. Often you will find that the cord won’t allow you to reach the car from the nearest electrical outlet. All these problems however, can be solved by a car vacuum cleaner.

Typically, these car vacuums are handheld and run on batteries. This negates the need for an electrical cord restricting how far you can reach with the vacuum and their smaller size enables you to operate inside the car more effectively. While they are effective in cleaning you car, they are also a great tool to help you clean up those small messes that can occur around your home and without needing to pull out the bulker traditional vacuum.

Why should you use a cordless vacuum instead of say the vacuum at the car wash? Money and convenience. After a while it can get expensive popping quarters into a car wash vacuum cleaner, plus you have to drive there to use it. Now the car wash vacuums will have more powerful suction, so you will probably want to head over there once in a while but a good cordless should be able to handle the job.

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