Changing your Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Your vacuum cleaner bag is an essential part of your vacuum cleaner. Without it, that dust and dirt that you are sucking up goes nowhere. Vacuum bags are inexpensive and are crucial to ensuring that your vacuum is actually cleaning your floors.

These bags can fill up surprisingly quick, especially if you vacuum your home multiple times a week. It is always good to have a backup supply of vacuum bags ready to go. What happens when these bags get full is they start overflowing–spitting the dirt out of the vacuum and back onto the floor, as if it was in reverse mode. At first, this might not be something that you notice–it can be a very subtle leak. So you could be vacuuming for days without knowing that you are actually making your home more dirty by releasing dirt and allergens back into the air. That is why it is important to check your vacuum bag every once in a while to ensure that it isn’t full.

If it is full, you shouldn’t vacuum again until you have replaced the bag. Vacuum bags, thankfully, are very cheap and can be purchased in bulk. It is also important that you know the model of your vacuum. Though a lot of vacuum bags may look the same, they aren’t. Each bag is meant for a specific model vacuum cleaner. TotalVac simplifies this as much as possible for you by not only showing you a picture of the vacuum bag, but also lists every model vacuum that that bag fits. TotalVac sells bags for nearly every vacuum cleaner on the market–offering value packs and loose bulk bags.


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