Blenders: Replacing and Repairing

Whether it’s to whip up a protein shake after an invigorating trip to the gym or to make a fruit smoothie on a hot July afternoon, we all use blenders. With this constant use comes general wear and tear on the product. Most people think that if a blender breaks they must replace the entire thing. False! A blender is made up of a bunch of little pieces; pieces that we often never see if we aren’t looking for them.  The problem could be as minor as needing a replacement gasket or drive coupling, each costing around the market of $3. Isn’t that much better than spending close to $100 on a whole new blender set?

Don’t let our name fool you; isn’t just for vacuums. We cover a range of products from Keurig Machines to Mosquito Magnets. We even sell blenders and blender parts online! We carry replacement parts from leading brands such as Braun, Cuisinart, Oster, Waring, and many others. Finding the part you need is quick and easy. All of our products are organized by brand and offer a clear picture and description of what it is you are looking at. Or, use the search bar to quickly bring up the exact product you need. You can find products for as little as $1!

Not only will you be saving money for yourself, but you’ll also be saving the environment by not throwing out a big, bulky blender set. Instead, you’ll be replacing only the necessary parts, which, in the long run is beneficial for everyone.

So next time something is wrong with your blender, don’t just toss it away. If your blade is too dull, TotalVac has got your covered. If it’s a shattered or cracked jar, well we’ve got those, too. So please, visit us at, where we are more than just vacuums.


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  1. Clay says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like button ?

    • Mark Bruno says:

      Hey Clay, just click the Facebook link above the blog post! It will require you to sign into Facebook but once you do, you will have “liked” the post. Thanks for checking out the blog =)

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