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Every vacuum cleaner brand will probably claim to be using the best technology available. But the decision to buy the best home vacuum cleaners is entirely left up to you. With the many offers on the market from such brands as Dyson, Miele, Electrolux, and Sebo, it’s no wonder why many people can’t seem to find the perfect vacuum. Here is a list of some of the best home vacuum cleaners that you can choose from.

Eureka 4870HZ Boss SmartVac

One of the best rated vacuum cleaner products of all time, this Eureka upright vacuum is known for its sealed HEPA system, it’s Power Paw Turbo for vertical cleaning of stairs and upholstery, and its unique suction control feature that allows users to direct how much suction is needed for cleaning floors and carpets. A 12 Amp powerhouse of a vacuum, this may seem like a large vacuum but it’s definitely one that’s in charge.

Miele Capricorn S5980 Luna Silver Canister

Miele trademark logo is known for their quality products and their vacuum cleaner line up is no different. Their latest canister vacuum sports larger fiber bags than their previous vacuums. This means that it is more powerful and one won’t have to change the bags as often as in older models.

Fingertip controls allow for easier use and it also comes with an extra long cord. The keywords to describe this German inspiration: noise reduction. It’s quiet, sleek and gets the job done.

Dyson DC14 All-floor

Dyson is one of the bestselling brand in the US and in the UK. To that effect, the DC14 is probably one of their products that are most in demand at the moment. The all-floor model boasts of a bagless system that never loses suction, a 5-year warranty, and a guarantee that will satisfy those who have allergic reactions to the smallest of dust particles. Its lifetime HEPA filter and bagless feature are two of the reasons why this model is popular; neither of the two features has to be replaced.

Electrolux Oxygen3 HEPA Canister

This is ideal for homes with wall to wall carpeting or those with bare floors. Canister vacuums are fast becoming a good replacement for the gigantic uprights and the Oxygen3 shows why in both form and function. This model includes a new electronic low profile nozzle for bare floors, a full size powerhead for carpets and for cleaning on almost all surfaces. Fairly priced, this is one of the best home vacuum cleaners out in the market.

Bosch Premium Electro Duo HEPA

This vacuum cleaner offers it all for the house: it performs well, maneuvers well, and it has a filtration system that is best in its class. A full-sized canister, this vacuum is known for its cleaning power. It’s HEPA and carbon filtration system allows for cleaner air and it comes with a 3 in 1 tool that makes this one of the friendliest vacuums to use at home. It is sold in standard, deluxe and supreme packages; each of the packages offers options that are best for your home.

Sebo Air Belt K3

Known for its durability, the K3 from Sebo offers quality and durability. A tough looking home device, the K3 is missing features that were found in the Sebo C series. However, the K series are the lightest vacuums that offer powerful cleaning abilities couples with noise-free operation. Sold with specialized on-board tools and a first class filtering system, this is one canister vacuum that should not be underestimated.

Canister vacuums are fast replacing the upright version. This simply means that the canister vacuum is quickly becoming the best home vacuum cleaners because they are light, portable. The bonus feature is found in the different configurations that the hose takes to be able to get dirt in the tightest of spaces. So for the best in home vacuums that are offered with fair prices, it is definitely recommended to make the change to canister vacuums.

About the Author: These are some of the options that will be most suitable for your home. In case you want to know more details about Electrolux vacuum cleaners or Eureka vacuum cleaners, please visit our sites.

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