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Future Energy Efficient Vacuum System

Everyone wants a clean home and save energy and effort. We have found some information on a new vacuum cleaner- the BakVac. For some general information on the vacuum and cool photographs, check it out here. So how does the … Continue reading

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What is the Best Vacuum for Pets?

That is a good question and the answer really varies depending on who you are. If you are a pet owner then you know that pet hair can become a major chore in cleaning up. We have a short hair … Continue reading

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Running A House Cleaning Service

Running a home cleaning service can be a very profitable and fulfilling venture. With more and more families where both spouses work, kids need to go to sporting and school events during the week, there is less time to get … Continue reading

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The Most Versatile Vacuum Cleaner – A Shop Vac

Probably the one vacuum cleaner that most everyone has heard of is a “Shop Vac”. Just like Kleenex or Tylenol, Shop Vac is a specific brand but the term is used to describe all types and models of shop vacuums. … Continue reading

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Green Label Program for Vacuum Cleaners

In 1992, Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) launched its Green Label program to test carpet, cushions and adhesives to help specifiers identify products with very low emissions of Volatile organice compounds (VOCs). For vacuum cleaners, the Carpet and Rug Institute … Continue reading

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Industrial or Commercial Vacuums

Just like your at your home, the type of vacuum cleaner or system you have at your business is just as important.  Commercial vacuum cleaners are a bit different from residential vacuum cleaners. They have a lot more options and … Continue reading

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Its the Belts Man!

An important part of your vacuum cleaner is its belts. The vacuum cleaner belt is what makes it run so care needs to be taken when dealing with your vacuum cleaner belts. There are three kinds of vacuum belts: (source) … Continue reading

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Warranty & Product Registration Links

Many of our customers have asked us where and how do they register their vacuum cleaner, coffee maker or other appliance product with the manufacturer. To help our customer out we have created a “Product and Warranty registration page”. Click … Continue reading

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