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Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays folks are trying to be more consciencous about the environment. Buying a vacuum cleaner definitely can be eco-friendly. Instead of getting a new vacuum, consider a used one or fixing your old one. What is the best eco-friendly vacuums? … Continue reading

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Thermax Vacuum Information

As part of our blog here at TotalVac, we want to provide some information on different types of vacuums, that you and your family can use. Today we are commenting on Thermax Vacuums. There are 2 models available: AF1 Features: … Continue reading

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Beam Central Vacuum System

“Clinically proven Beam Central Vacuum System removes dirt and allergens from living areas…reducing allergy symptoms as much as 61%!” (source) Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, began operation as Beam Manufacturing Company, producing washing machines, dishwashers, and Beam “Doodlebug” scooters. In 1957, … Continue reading

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However clean, Hoover cleaner

That was the originial slogan for the Hoover company back in 1912. The Hoover Company started out as anĀ  floor care manufacturer based in North Canton, Ohio but also became a major player in electric vacuum cleaner industryover in the … Continue reading

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