Are Bagless Vacuums More Hypoallergenic and Maintenance Free?

Many homeowners believe that a bagless vacuum is more hypoallergenic than a bagged vacuum and are essentially maintenance free. But is the bagless vacuum really maintenance free and more hypoallergenic? Not necessarily!

Sure, the bagless vacuum doesn’t have a bag to replace, but it still does have a filter that has to be cleaned and/or replaced. These filters often come with a high price tag. The cost of a filter in a bagless vacuum could be more than a year’s supply of paper vacuum bags for a conventional upright vacuum.

Bagless vacuums, just like bagged vacuums, also have parts like a rubber gasket, seal or rubber band that need replacing every so often. Bagless vacuums also require routine maintenance like cleaning out the canister to ensure that the cyclone doesn’t get clogged, and washing and properly drying of the filters to ensure that suction is never lost. Even the best brands in the industry need proper care and maintenance—nothing is truly free.  Maintenance is required of all vacuums bagged or not!

What about bagless vacuums being more hypoallergenic?

Bagless vacuums have a canister that needs emptying, and while many come with a HEPA filter attached which traps most allergens, when the canister is emptied dust particles are released back into the air. A hypoallergenic bagged vacuum system typically uses two bags—an inner and an outer. The inner bag is where all the dirt and particles are captured and contained while the outer bag, which is typically made of HEPA material, is there to clean the air while you clean your floors.

You can’t purchase a vacuum these days and just assume it will take care of itself. Research your options carefully to find the vacuum that fits your lifestyle. For a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner supplies, visit

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