A Real Sucky Crime

While perusing news articles across the web the other day, I stumbled across an interesting story out of Lincoln, Nebraska. A man named William Logan, a modern day MacGyver if you will, conceived quite the elaborate scheme involving a backpack, a vacuum hose, and one “unsuspecting” laundromat.

Armed with his vacuum cleaner, Logan, 40, strolled into his local laundromat. With nobody looking, he cracked open the washing machine’s coin slot, plugged in his vacuum, and began to suck up the money inside. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee, wouldn’t that be a very obvious way of stealing money?” The answer is yes. Yes, it would. For those unfamiliar with vacuums, they tend to make a noise when they are being used; typically a loud, “vwooooshing” sound. Clearly, Logan was unfamiliar with this notion. As if the “hey-look-at-me-being-very-suspicious-over-here noise” of the vacuum wasn’t enough of a giveaway, he absentmindedly performed this act of unbridled stupidity in front of a security camera.

Needless to say, William Logan, who already has (not one, not two, but) three prior theft convictions, was arrested yet again for “suspicion of theft.” No information on what charges the vacuum cleaner is facing.

Story courtesy of weirdworldnews.org

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3 Responses to A Real Sucky Crime

  1. Clyde says:

    Nice content, I actually expect updates of your stuff.

  2. Alex says:

    Haha wow. Part clever, part idiotic.

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