A Humidified Home is a Healthy Home

Are you uncomfortable in your own home? Do you frequently suffer from a cough or cold? Dry skin? Sinus problems? These can all be the cause of one major problem–improper humidity levels in your home.

To ensure you are living in a healthy environment, it is vital to moderate the humidity in your house. This is easy. All you need to do is make sure you have a clean, working humidifier. Humidifiers pump fresh and healthy air into your living space. They’ll add the perfect amount of moisture to a room, making your home comfortable and safe. People, for the most part, overlook some of the dangers that low or high humidity levels can have on their health.

When the humidity levels are too low, the air becomes very dry. This dry air in turn can result in dry skin and sinuses, which then leads to colds. More than that, low humidity also makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to form around your home which can be damaging to your health. On the other side, if the humidity is too high, which is too much moisture, mold and mildew can form. And if the high humidity level isn’t dealt with quickly, that mold and mildew can worsen, creating a very unhealthy home.

Moderating the humidity levels in your home is both easy and crucial. To be sure that you have an effective humidifier, keep a stock of new replacement filters handy. Filters should be replaced every two months. TotalVac carries filters from almost every brand on the market today–brands like Hamilton Beach, Kenmore, and Westinghouse. Visit TotalVac’s replacement humidifier filter page today and be sure to stock up! The health of you and your family is dependent upon the health of your home.

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