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Blenders: Replacing and Repairing

Whether it’s to whip up a protein shake after an invigorating trip to the gym or to make a fruit smoothie on a hot July afternoon, we all use blenders. With this constant use comes general wear and tear on … Continue reading

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A Real Sucky Crime

While perusing news articles across the web the other day, I stumbled across an interesting story out of Lincoln, Nebraska. A man named William Logan, a modern day MacGyver if you will, conceived quite the elaborate scheme involving a backpack, … Continue reading

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The Incredibly Frustrating Tale of the Clapping Monkey on a Roomba Video

“Hey, do you think you can possibly make me a funny video for the website? Just like thirty seconds or so?” Why not? I thought. How hard could a thirty second video possibly be, right? Enter: the clapping monkey, my … Continue reading

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