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Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays folks are trying to be more consciencous about the environment. Buying a vacuum cleaner definitely can be eco-friendly. Instead of getting a new vacuum, consider a used one or fixing your old one. What is the best eco-friendly vacuums? … Continue reading

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Allergy Information

Allergies are something most everyone needs to aware of. During a recent search, found some information that should be of interest to everyone. How to choose a good hepa vacuum cleaner. Vacuum leaners compared, rated and reviewed. The best vacuum … Continue reading

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Sharp Vacuum Cleaners

When folks hear the name Sharp, they think electronics, not vacuums. well that is not the case. Sharp does make vacuum cleaners.  Sharp does have a very nice website and provides a ton of information. Models: (all are uprights) EC-S5380 … Continue reading

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Cleaning Your Car

Last week, we posted on cordless vacuum cleaners. One of the best uses of cordless vacuums is in cleaning your car. (source) Cleaning the inside of your car can be a challenging task indeed. You will often find that dust … Continue reading

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Thermax Vacuum Information

As part of our blog here at TotalVac, we want to provide some information on different types of vacuums, that you and your family can use. Today we are commenting on Thermax Vacuums. There are 2 models available: AF1 Features: … Continue reading

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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners For You (?)

Found this article the other day- what are your feelings or thoughts on it? Every vacuum cleaner brand will probably claim to be using the best technology available. But the decision to buy the best home vacuum cleaners is entirely … Continue reading

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Shop Vac Essentials

A shop vac can be a very handle piece of equipment in the home or shop. In a previous article we discussed the different types of shop vacs and some of their specs. In this post, we will cover the … Continue reading

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Oreck Vacuums Primer

Oreck vacuum cleaners is probably one of the best known brands of vacuums today. David Oreck founded the Oreck Corporation in the United States in 1963; they are located in Cookeville, TN. Oreck orginially began manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners for … Continue reading

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Vacuum Articles For Your Review

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. Did anyone brave Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Now that the dust has settled, it is time to go shopping, calmly. Vacuum cleaners do make great gifts. As we have searched the web, we … Continue reading

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