Changing your Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Your vacuum cleaner bag is an essential part of your vacuum cleaner. Without it, that dust and dirt that you are sucking up goes nowhere. Vacuum bags are inexpensive and are crucial to ensuring that your vacuum is actually cleaning your floors.

These bags can fill up surprisingly quick, especially if you vacuum your home multiple times a week. It is always good to have a backup supply of vacuum bags ready to go. What happens when these bags get full is they start overflowing–spitting the dirt out of the vacuum and back onto the floor, as if it was in reverse mode. At first, this might not be something that you notice–it can be a very subtle leak. So you could be vacuuming for days without knowing that you are actually making your home more dirty by releasing dirt and allergens back into the air. That is why it is important to check your vacuum bag every once in a while to ensure that it isn’t full.

If it is full, you shouldn’t vacuum again until you have replaced the bag. Vacuum bags, thankfully, are very cheap and can be purchased in bulk. It is also important that you know the model of your vacuum. Though a lot of vacuum bags may look the same, they aren’t. Each bag is meant for a specific model vacuum cleaner. TotalVac simplifies this as much as possible for you by not only showing you a picture of the vacuum bag, but also lists every model vacuum that that bag fits. TotalVac sells bags for nearly every vacuum cleaner on the market–offering value packs and loose bulk bags.


For more information on vacuum bags, please visit

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Shampooing Your Carpet

You might think vacuuming your carpet is enough to keep it clean. While vacuuming does in fact prolong the life of your carpet, it can only do so much. Vacuums tend to suck up dirt and dust particles that lie atop the surface of your carpet. They cannot get what is deeply embedded. By shampooing your carpet, you are removing the particles that get trapped beneath the surface. It is important to remove this dirt because as it sits there, it can cut up the fibers of your carpet.

Shampooing doesn’t have to be done as frequently as vacuuming, which should be at least once a week and multiple times where there is heavier foot traffic. You can make your carpet look and feel clean by shampooing it just once every two-three weeks. It is also important to note, that you should vacuum before you shampoo your carpet. After you use the shampoo, your carpet stays wet for about an hour or so. Do not vacuum during this time. Your vacuum will suck up wet dirt particles and those wet particles, if they are in there long enough, will create mold in your vacuum bags and give off a pretty bad odor.

Vacuuming is great for surface cleaning. But if you really want to clean your carpets, especially heavy shag carpets where dirt and dust can easily get trapped, shampooing is an absolute necessity. To  purchase carpet shampoo, visit TotalVac, where you can find a variety of different brands all for low prices.


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The Dyson Thief

Everyone knows that Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the best on the market. Their high quality products leave your house looking and feeling fresh and clean. Now, speaking of fresh, last week a 45 year old man named Chuck Echevarria stole over $1700 worth of Dyson vacuums. He piled up the vacuums in a shopping cart and strolled right out the front door.

Why did this man need so many vacuum cleaners? Was his house that messy that one vacuum just wouldn’t cut it? Or was he planning on selling them? Maybe there is some underground black-market for Dyson vacuum cleaners and Chuck here was thinking of scoring big. Or maybe he’s just a die-hard fan of Dyson vacuums.

It’s a shame that this thief didn’t know about TotalVac, where we carry nearly every product that Dyson produces. He could have chose from a range of Dyson vacuum parts like Dyson vacuum filters. And with our low prices, he would have felt like he was getting away with theft anyway!


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Repairing your Shaver

For men and women, shaving is a big part of the daily routine. Razor blades, even from the best brands in the business, don’t have much longevity. Buying a new shaver every time yours starts to go can really do some damage to your wallet. Luckily, replacing shaver parts is easy and can be done for short money on TotalVac.

TotalVac carries every major (and not so major) brand of shaver parts for men and women. From Panasonic and Norelco, to Braun and Remington, TotalVac has them all. We sell shaver foils, electric cords, protective caps, batteries, lotion cartridges, and a whole lot more. Replacing these small, inexpensive parts is absolutely the way to go when it comes to keeping up with your shaver. Why spend upwards of $80 on a brand new electric razor when all you need is a new cord or battery?

For all your shaver part or shaver battery needs, please visit


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The Great Yelp Controversy

Many who frequent the internet are no strangers to the “user-submitted” review website known as What most people who use this website don’t know is that Yelp is out to make money off of small businesses. They have been accused by many businesses of extortion.

If you are unfamiliar with what is, I will briefly summarize what they do, or rather, what they should do and don’t. Yelp is an online database that collects reviews of small business. The reviews are from customers of these small businesses. The website is meant to give honest and fair feedback on companies based on customer’s experiences with them. The reviews are then used to generate a score for that company (the review system is based on a Star Rating system, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). Sounds great, right? Well, it would be–if Yelp wasn’t controlling the reviews that they choose to display. Yelp filters out all positive reviews and shows only the negatives. This affects the overall score that the business receives. For example, say a company has one hundred reviews; and eighty-five of those reviews are rated at four or five stars; so that would leave fifteen reviews that have three stars and under. Yelp will take all fifteen of those “low” rated reviews and display those on their website, while sprinkling in three or four “higher” ratings for good measure.

There is a way, however, for small-business owners to ensure that all those filtered positive reviews get viewed and their negative ones get filtered out: they must pay to be an advertiser on Yelp. That’s right; they must pay Yelp money in order to have their reputations saved. Back in October of 2011, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Yelp based on multiple claims of extortion.

For small businesses, like TotalVac, money is tight. We aren’t giant corporations with thousands of employees and locations–we are small, family-run, start-up companies.  We can’t afford to pay for proper advertising like commercials and billboards, so the majority of our sales are based on word-of-mouth. When people check review websites, like Yelp, and see that a company has a poor rating, they go somewhere else. That small business loses that customer forever. What Yelp is doing by charging a high monthly fee (prices that start at $300 and go as high as $1,000) to filter out bad reviews and display the positive ones is wrong. They are single-handedly destroying these mom-and-pop shops.

Currently, TotalVac has a rating of two and a half stars on Yelp. This rating should not be taken seriously. Please know that Yelp is unfairly hiding all of our positive reviews and this, in turn, is skewing our overall score. We are all for freedom of speech. Granted it doesn’t happen often, but if someone has something bad to say about us, so be it. Our issue is that the reviews being displayed and our overall rating aren’t reflective of who we are as a company. We hold customer satisfaction as our highest priority and will do everything in our power to ensure every transaction is as quick and easy as possible. The concept of a user-submitted review site is fantastic. But until the people at Yelp start acting honest and professional and less like the mafia, people should disregard the site as a credible source.


Here are some links to the Yelp controversy

One man’s writeup from his experience with Yelp:


Article about the lawsuit against Yelp:


A follow-up article about Yelp continuing their racket in 2012:


Another small business owner’s extortion experience from Yelp:


And finally, a Facebook group entitled “We Hate Yelp”:


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A Clean Dryer, Safe From Fire

A fire in one’s home can be very damaging. The scars it leaves–both emotionally and physically– last forever. One of the most common causes for house fires are dryer related.

More than 15,000 dryer related fires occur a year, amounting to over $80 million in property damage. This statistic can be erased, or at least drastically lowered, by simply monitoring our dryers every once in a while.

Dryers emit a great deal of heat when in use. That steamy air that it creates has to be properly vented. The dryer hose, if not cleaned out periodically, can have a build-up of lint. When combined with the heat, that lint build-up can spark a fire. Luckily, cleaning a dryer hose is very simple and very effective.

On sale now at is the Dryer Vent Vacuum Cleaner Attachment. This crafty tool hooks onto your existing vacuum hose and is used to get in between the dryer vent, sucking out all of the trapped lint. Though the attachment alone isn’t enough to stop fires entirely, it is a great way to ensure that your dryer is safer. At just $10.95, this attachment is a must-own for everyone. Remember: a clean dryer will help keep you safe from fire!


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You may have seen negative reviews on Please be aware that this website removes positive feedback and wants retailers like TotalVac to pay $3,000 a year to keep all of the ratings. Some retailers have to pay over $70,000 a year.

Please do not believe or take these ratings on this site seriously.

Links to sites talking about scam and extortion of retailers:

ripoff report on resellerratings scam

resellerratings on complaint board

resellerratings extortion video

Why is Google showing

Resellerratings increase price by 700%

Here are reviews about TotalVac that are unbiased and written by real customers:

Better Business Bureau

Amazon Rating

eBay Rating

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A Humidified Home is a Healthy Home

Are you uncomfortable in your own home? Do you frequently suffer from a cough or cold? Dry skin? Sinus problems? These can all be the cause of one major problem–improper humidity levels in your home.

To ensure you are living in a healthy environment, it is vital to moderate the humidity in your house. This is easy. All you need to do is make sure you have a clean, working humidifier. Humidifiers pump fresh and healthy air into your living space. They’ll add the perfect amount of moisture to a room, making your home comfortable and safe. People, for the most part, overlook some of the dangers that low or high humidity levels can have on their health.

When the humidity levels are too low, the air becomes very dry. This dry air in turn can result in dry skin and sinuses, which then leads to colds. More than that, low humidity also makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to form around your home which can be damaging to your health. On the other side, if the humidity is too high, which is too much moisture, mold and mildew can form. And if the high humidity level isn’t dealt with quickly, that mold and mildew can worsen, creating a very unhealthy home.

Moderating the humidity levels in your home is both easy and crucial. To be sure that you have an effective humidifier, keep a stock of new replacement filters handy. Filters should be replaced every two months. TotalVac carries filters from almost every brand on the market today–brands like Hamilton Beach, Kenmore, and Westinghouse. Visit TotalVac’s replacement humidifier filter page today and be sure to stock up! The health of you and your family is dependent upon the health of your home.

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The Benefits of Canning

What is “canning”? Canning is like a quick and easy extra step in the cooking process. It is the preservation of fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and other various types of food by applying heat to a sealed jar. The heat prevents any natural spoiling that would happen to the food and seals the food in an air-tight vacuum. By canning, you will be eating the healthiest meals possible and also saving money.

The benefits that come from home canning are plentiful. Not only is it great for your wallet, more importantly, it is great for you and your family’s health. First, is the quality of the food. Canning is a process of preservation. That means the food you are putting in your meals contain all the most natural ingredients; no unhealthy chemicals or preservatives taking away from the taste. This is food in its purest form–how it was meant to taste.

Another benefit from canning, to go along with the quality of the food, is the nutritional value. Most all canned food is more rich in nutrition than food that hasn’t been canned. For example, pumpkin that has been canned has twenty times the Vitamin A as fresh pumpkin. Canned fish contains a significant amount more calcium than non-canned.

Lastly, another great perk to home canning is the money you’ll be saving. You won’t have to purchase canned foods from the supermarket. In the span of a year, you can save hundreds of dollars from home canning opposed to buying from a grocery store.

Want to start canning right away? Here are some of the home canning essentials you’ll need to get started:

  • Glass jar
  • Bubble Freer Spatula
  • Jar Lifter
  • Jar Funnel
  • Lid Wand

TotalVac is the one-stop-shop for all your canning needs. We carry the leading brands for your home canning needs. TotalVac is proud to offer both Ball canning accessories and Presto cooker parts.

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Vacuum Cleaner Cause of Mega Explosion

An unlikely suspect is being charged in a recent submarine fire that caused more than $400 million worth in damage. The suspect you ask? A vacuum cleaner.

Members of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Congressional Office are telling reporters that a “vacuum cleaner used to clean work sites at the end of a shift” was “stored in an unoccupied space.” As of now, the details of how the fire actually started are still unknown.

It’s pretty obvious how the fire was started. Most older model vacuum cleaners, circa 1800′s, came with a setting known as “incinerate.” When flipped to this mode, the vacuum would spew out a torrent of fireballs in an attempt to “quickly and efficiently clean a space.” This may seem a tad on the unsafe side, yes. That is why it is no longer an option on vacuum cleaners.

In the famous case of Dyson v. The Johnson’s Living Room, the judge decreed that “no vacuum cleaner manufactured from this day forward shall have any feature that involves the emission of sparks, flares, infernos, and/or a sea of flames.”

People are speculating that while the vacuum was in this “unoccupied space,” the switch may have been flipped from “off” to the “incinerate” mode mentioned above. It was thought that all vacuum cleaners containing this fiery feature had been destroyed, as to prevent any more accidents from occurring. When asked by reporters about what he thought was going on, Conspiracy T. Heorist (or Connie for short) said, “Iz purrty obvious ain’t it? The U.S. navy and military are taken deese flame throwin’ vacuums and using dem as weapons of mass destruction!” No response from the navy or military on Connie’s comments.

If you’ve never seen one of these historically dangerous vacuum cleaners, now is your chance! For a limited time only, Totalvac is proud to offer the Oreck Fire Monger 5000! Act quick, the Fire Monger is only available while supplies last (or until we get arrested for selling them)! Be the envy of all your friends! Own the hottest  commodity ever made!

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