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Bemis Air Purifier and Humidifier Filters

Bemis humidifier filter
Bemis Humidifier Filters
Bemis air cleaner filter
Bemis Air Cleaner Filters
Bemis humidifier parts
Bemis Humidifier Parts
humidifier part
Humidifier Cleaner, Treatment & Bacteria Remover
humidifier water fragrance
Humidifier Water Scents

Bemis Humidifier

Moisture. In the drier months, it can be a precious resource. Both outdoor air and indoor heating retain less water than other times of the year. And you sure can feel the difference. Your skin dries and cracks more easily. The air you breathe seems harsher. And cold and flu viruses thrive in drier air conditions, putting you and your family at risk.

That's why Bemis Humidifier are so important to keeping comfortable and healthy through the winter. You see, Bemis Humidifiers add moisture to the air using natures' own methods. Unlike some humidifier, which use heat or ultrasound to force water into the air, Bemis Humidifier use the natural process of evaporation. Whisper-quiet water passes through our efficient, mineral-absorbing wick and billows into the air as pure as rain, which means no white mineral dust collects on your furniture. And Bemis Humidifier are cleaner, easier and less costly than other methods of humidification.  Make sure to change your humidifier filter often.

Whatever your dry-season needs, Bemis has designed a humidifier for you. From whole-house humidifiers to portable single-room tabletop units to something comfortably in between, Bemis knows how to create a more soothing environment in your home. Bemis Humidifiers are smart enough to turn themselves off when they run out of water and flexible enough, using the built-in humidistat, to adjust the moisture in the air to suit your needs.

So getting a Bemis Humidifier for your home is more than a matter of comfort. It's the smart choice. 

We have carbon and HEPA air cleaner filters for Bemis cleaners.  Bemis humidifier wick filters and air cleaner filters.


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