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Presto Pressure Cooker Handle  

Presto Pressure Cooker Handle Quantity in Basket: None
Part: 85453
Price: $4.95

Presto Pressure Cooker Handle (85453) fits models A403A-A403AD 4Qt, A403AT-A414A 4Qt, A409-A410A 4Qt, A411A 4Qt, A412A-A415A 4Qt, A413A-A416A 4Qt, KE02A-PB01A 4 Qt, KE02AT 4 Qt, PB05A 4Qt, PB07A 4 Qt, 01/PCC4 4 Qt, 01/PCC4A 4 Qt, 01/PCD4 4 Qt, 01/PCC4D 4 Qt, 01/PCC4H 4 Qt, 01/PCD4H 4 Qt, 01/PCE4 4 Qt, 01/PCE4A 4 Qt, 01/PCE4H 4 Qt, A603A-A617 6 Qt, A603AD-A614A 6 Qt, A603AT-A608-A618 6 Qt, A607-A621A 6 Qt, A609A 6 Qt, A610A-A620A 6 Qt, A611A-A619 6 Qt, A612-A615-A622 6 Qt, A613-A616-A623 6 Qt, KE03A-PB02A-PB09A 6 Qt, KE03AT 6 Qt, PB06A-PB10A 6 Qt, PB08A-PB11A 6 Qt, 01/PCC6 6 Qt, 01/PCC6A 6 Qt, 01/PCC6AD 6 Qt, 01/PCC6D 6 Qt, 01/PCC6H 6 Qt, 01/PCC6HD 6 Qt, 01/PCE6 6 Qt, 01/PCE6A 6 Qt, 01/PCE6H 6 Qt, and 02/PCE6H 6 Qt. Genuine Presto Part.

Customers who bought this also bought:

Part Description Price  
09909 Presto Pressure Cooker Seal - Includes Gasket and Automatic Air Vent (Overpressure plug). For 3 quart and 4 quart Cast Aluminum Models: 40, 103, 104 204, 403, 404, A401, A403A (PCC4), A403AD (PCD4), A403AT (PCCT4, A409A (PCP4), A410A (PCC4H), A411A (PCC4A), A412A (PCD4A), A413A (PCD4H), A414A (PCD4), A415A (PCD4A), A416A (PCD4H), KEO2A, KEO2AT, PBO1A, PBO5A, PBO7A, 01/PCC4, 01/PCC4A, 01/PAA4AD, 01/PCC4AM, 01/PCCBD, 01/PCC4D, 01/PCC4H, 01/PCC4HD, 01/PCC4HM, 01/PCE4, 01/PCE4A, and 01/PCE4H. Replaces Parts 1071. Generic part. $3.95
85239 Presto pressure cooker handle fits models A403A, A403AD, A403AT, A409, A410A, A411A, A412A, A413A, A414A, A415A, A416A, A603A, A603AD, A603AT, A607, A608, A609A, A610A, A611A, A612, A613, A614A, A615, A616, A617, A618, A619, A620A, A621A, A622, A623, KE02A, KE02AT, KE03A, KE03AT, PB01A, PB02A, PB05A, PB06A, PB07A, PB08A, PB09A, PB10A, PB11A, 01/PCC4, 01/PCC4A, 01/PCC4D, 01/PCC4H, 01/PCC6, 01/PCC6A, 01/PCC6AD, 01/PCC6D, 01/PCC6H, 01/PCC6HD, 01/PCD4, 01/PCD4H, 01/PCE4, 01/PCE4A, 01/PCE4H, 01/PCE6, 01/PCE6A, 01/PCE6H and 02/PCE6H. Genune Presto part. $3.95
09901 Presto pressure cooker gasket seal. For 6 quart cast aluminum models A603A (PCC6), A603AD (PCD6), A603AT (PCCT6), A606 (PCCT6), A609A (PCP6), A610A (PCC6H), A611A (PCC6A), A612Z (PCD6A), A613A (PCD6H), A614A (PCD6), A615A (PCD6A), A616A, A617A, A618A, A619A, A620A, A621A, A622A, A623A, KEO3A, KE03AT, PB02A, PB06A, PB08A, PB09A, PB10A, PB11A, 01/PCC6, 01/PCC6A. 01/PCC6AD, 01/PCC6AM, 01/PCC6D, 01/PCC6H, 01/PCC6HD, 01/PCC6HM, 01/PCE6, O1/PCE6A, 01/PCE6H and 02/PCE6H. Genuine Presto part. $5.95
09908 Presto Pressure Cooker Seal - Includes Gasket and Automatic Air Vent (Overpressure plug). For Models: 50, 60, 603, and 604. Replaces Parts 1758, 33018, and 54146 $4.95
09907 Presto 09907 Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring Rubber Gasket - Includes Gasket and Automatic Air Vent (Overpressure plug). For Models: 7, 7AV, 7B, 7S, 21, 21AV, 21B, 21S, CA16, CA16H, CA21, 01/CA16H, 01/CA21H. Replaces Parts 1075, 33019, and 54145. $5.95

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